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Manly Palmer Hall
Manly Palmer Hall


  • The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923)
  • The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928)
  • The ways of the lonely ones Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp. 4th rev. ed (1934) (Renewal: R291516)
  • Questions and answers; fundamentals of the occult sciences (1937) (Renewal: R354023)
  • Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians, to which Is added an Interpretation of the Crata Repoa initiation rite (1937) (Renewal: R354025)
  • Twelve world teachers; a summary of their lives and teachings (1937) (Renewal: R354024)
  • Reincarnation, the cycle of necessity (1939) (Renewal: R401953)
  • Nature spirits (1939) (Renewal: R401955)
  • Initiation of Plato (1939) (Renewal: R401957)
  • Conquering fear (1939) (Renewal: R401956)
  • Hypnotism (1939) (Renewal: R401954)
  • A plan for youth (1939) (Renewal: R401958)
  • Self-unfoldment by disciplines of realization (1942) (Renewal: R486074)
  • Lady of dreams; a fable in the manner of the Chinese (1943) (Renewal: R507365)
  • The philosophy of astrology (1943) (Renewal: R503931)
  • The guru, by his disciple; the way of the East, as told to Manly Palmer Hall (1944) (Renewal: R523894)
  • The secret destiny of America (1944) (Renewal: R535957)
  • Healing: the divine art. NM: additions & revisions (1944) (Renewal: R523895)
  • Journey in truth (1945) (Renewal: R560303)
  • Pathways of philosophy (1947) (Renewal: R610256)
  • Very sincerely yours (1948) (Renewal: R628986)
  • Orders of universal reformation: utopias (1949) (Renewal: R670296)
  • The Mystical Christ (1951) (Renewal: RE036314)
  • The Adepts in the Eastern esoteric tradition (1952) (Renewal: RE047276)
  • How belief in rebirth can enrich your life (1956) (Renewal: RE213118)
  • Incompatibility, a crisis in modern living (1956) (Renewal: RE213119)
  • The Mystery of human birth (1956) (Renewal: RE213120)
  • The Story of Christmas (1956) (Renewal: RE213116)
  • The Sages of China (1957) (Renewal: RE256422)
  • Old Testament wisdom (1957) (Renewal: RE256423)
  • Astrological Keywords (1958) (Renewal: RE311955)

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