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Morris Hillquit

founder and leader of the Socialist Party of America

Morris Hillquit


Books and pamphlets[edit]

  • The People July 16, 1899 issue
  • History of Socialism in the United States. [1903] New York: Funk & Wagnalls, Revised and Expanded (5th) edition, 1910. (external scan)
  • Recent Progress of the Socialist and Labor Movements in the United States: Report of Morris Hillquit, Representative of the Socialist Party at the International Socialist Bureau, to the International Socialist Congress, Held at Stuttgart, Germany, August 18, 1907. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1907. (external scan)
  • Socialism in Theory and Practice. New York: Macmillan, 1909. (external scan)
  • Socialism Summed Up. New York: H.K. Fly, 1912. (external scan)
  • Socialism: Promise or Menace? With John A. Ryan. New York: Macmillan, 1914. —Debate with Father John Ryan, a leading Catholic social justice theorist. (external scan)
  • The Double Edge of Labor's Sword, With Samuel Gompers and Max S. Hayes. Chicago: Socialist Party, National Office, 1914. (external scan)
  • The Immediate Issue. New York: The Socialist, 1919.
  • Socialism on Trial. New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1920. (external scan)
  • From Marx to Lenin. New York: Hanford Press, 1921. (external scan)
  • Loose Leaves from a Busy Life. New York: Macmillan, 1934. —Posthumously-published memoirs.
  • Hugo Lindemann & Morris Hillquit, Vorläufer des neueren Sozialismus, (Berlin: Dietz, 1922) (external scan)

Articles and leaflets[edit]

  • "Farewell to DeLeon," The People [dissident edition, New York], vol. 9, no. 30 (Oct. 22, 1899), pg. 2. (external scan)
  • "The Soldier of the Revolution," The Comrade [New York], vol. 1, no. 1 (October 1901), pp. 16–18. —Short biography of Wilhelm Liebknecht.
  • "Moderation, Comrades!" The Socialist [Toledo, Ohio], whole no. 241 (May 6, 1905), pg. 5. (external scan)
  • "The Labor Movement Here and Abroad." Chicago: National Office, Socialist Party, 1911.
  • "The Civic Federation and Labor." Chicago: National Office, Socialist Party, 1911.
  • "Who are the Peacemakers?" With William Harrison Short. Chicago: National Office, Socialist Party, 1911.
  • "Government by the Few." Chicago: National Office, Socialist Party, 1911.
  • "The 'Collapse' of the International," The American Socialist [Chicago], v. 1, no. 42, whole no. 130 (May 1, 1915), pg. 3. (external scan)
  • "America's Possible Contribution to a Constructive Peace," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 61 (Sept. 1915), pp. 239–242. In JSTOR.
  • "Keynote Address to the 1917 Emergency National Convention of the Socialist Party," The World [Oakland, CA], whole no. 578 (April 20, 1917), pg. 6. (external scan)
  • "As to Treason," New York Call, vol. 10, no. 116 (April 26, 1917), pg. 6. (external scan)
  • "Out-Scheidemanning Scheidemann," New York Call, vol. 10, no. 139 (May 19, 1917), pg. 2. (external scan)
  • "The Right of Criticism: Address in Defense of The Call Before Assistant Postmaster General Dockery, Washington, DC -- October 15, 1917." The New York Call, vol. 10, no. 294 (Oct. 21, 1917), pp. 8, 5. (external scan)
  • "The Socialist Task and Outlook," New York Call, vol. 10, no. 141 (May 21, 1919), pg. 8. —So-called "Clear the Decks" article. (external scan)
  • "Socialist Russia Against the Capitalist World," New York Call, vol. 12, no. 312 (Nov. 7, 1919), pg. 8. (external scan)
  • "Radicalism in America," The Socialist World [Chicago], vol. 1, no. 4 (Oct. 15, 1920), pp. 18–19. (external scan)
  • "Moscow and London," The Socialist World [Chicago], vol. 4, no. 7 (July 1923), pp. 6–7.
  • The Story of the British Labor Party. Chicago: Socialist Party, n.d. [1923]. First published in The Socialist World [Chicago], vol. 4, no. 9 (September 1923), pp. 3–4. (external scan)
  • "Ferdinand Lassalle (A May Day Reflection)," The Socialist World [Chicago], vol. 6, no. 5 (May 1925), pp. 9–10.
  • "A Tribute to Debs," The New Leader [New York], Oct. 23, 1926, pg. 1. (external scan)
  • "Marxism Essentially Evolutionary," Current History, vol. 29, October 1928.

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