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Per Martin Tvengsberg

Norwegian curator, historian, ethnologist and lecturer at Hedmark Museum, with a special interest in Forest Finns (16–17th century Finnish migrants). His theories of how "slash and burn" cultivation culture has formed Europeans is well documented. Slash and burn culture, according to Per Martin Tvengsberg, influenced European culture over perhaps 10,000 years and thus have evolutionary consequences for its descendants. Regular stationary agriculture has only been around for one to two thousand years and therefore not as strong impact.

His first approach was in itself being a descendant of people from one of those cultures. Originally described as Finnish but elsewhere listed as Norwegian and descended from migrant "Forest Finns"

Tvengsberg lives in Estland where he restores historic old buildings using authentic, period methods.

"Picture of Per Martin Tvengsberg from DigitaltMuseum". DigitaltMuseum. 


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