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Robert Henry Leitfred
American author of pulp fiction. Sometimes used the pseudonym Robert Fleming.


  • "Planks," in War Stories (March 1927)
  • "Water a la Carte," in War Stories (July 1927)
  • "Ninety Steps Down," in War Stories (September 1927)
  • "Oh, Celestine, Now Could You," in War Stories (September 1927)
  • "East of the Argonne," in Battle Stories (February 1928)
  • "Bayonet Jazz," in Brief Stories (December 1928)
  • "Windows Facing the Street," in Sweetheart Stories (March 1928)
  • "Weary Kilometers," in The Popular Magazine (April 1928)
  • "When Do We Sleep?," in War Stories (July 1928)
  • "Three Canteens," in Over the Top (April 1929)
  • "Fencing the Fokker," in Airplane Stories (April 1929)
  • "Hawk of the Skylanes," in Airplane Stories (May 1929)
  • "Latchstrings to Paradise," in Aces (August 1929)
  • "Fifty White Knights," in Three Star Stories (September 1929)
  • "Where Gravity Ends", in Air Wonder Stories (September 1929)
  • "The Glory Trail," in Aces (December 1929)
  • "Attack Again at Dawn!" in Over the Top (December 1929)
  • "Through Military Channels," in Three Star Magazine (December 1928)
  • "Blind Man’s Courage," in Love and War Stories (January 1930)
  • "Buddies in Arms," in Over the Top (January 1930)
  • "Marne River Madness," in Action Novels (April 1930)
  • "Dead Stick," in Aces (May 1930)
  • "The Water Cart Sector," in Over the Top (June 1930)
  • "13 Down," in Aces (October 1930)
  • "Prisoners of the Electron" in Astounding Stories of Super Science, 04 (01)
  • "The Mad Runner," in Battle Stories (February 1931)
  • "Pawns of the Air," in Aces (February 1931)
  • "The Crimson Cloud," in Aces (March 1931)
  • "Swirling Waters," in West (April 1931)
  • "The Bullet-Catcher," in Aces (July 1931)
  • "White Death," in Aces (August 1931)
  • "Ships of the Mighty," in Aces (October 1931)
  • "Treason Flight," in Aces (March 1932)
  • "The Disk of Death," in Sky Birds (November 1932)
  • "Avoid Combat," in George Bruce’s Squadron (September 1933)
  • "Prisms of Space," in Astounding Stories (November 1933)
  • "The Dark Angel," in Wings (February-March 1934)
  • "Cyclone Peelot," in Battle Birds (March 1934)
  • "Listening Wires," in The Phantom Detective (June 1934)
  • "Death Tolls the Bell," in Flying Aces (December 1934)
  • "Falcon Fury," in Sky Birds (January 1935)
  • "He Couldn’t Take It," in Short Stories (February 1935)
  • "Yellow Doom," in Weird Tales (May 1935, vol. 25, no. 5)
  • "Escape," in Clues Detective Stories (February 1936)
  • "River Boss," in Top-Notch (February 1936)
  • "The Devil Laughed," in Detective Fiction Weekly (October 1936)
  • "Ghost Control," in The Lone Eagle (October 1936)
  • "Treason Wings," in Dare-Devil Aces (October 1936)
  • The Corpse That Spoke (1936)
  • The Man Who Was Murdered Twice (1937)
  • "Death Cancels the Evidence," in Short Stories (February 1938, a Simon Crole story, alternative title: "Murder is my Racket")
  • "Pay-Off of the Red Shadow," in Short Stories (June 1938)
  • "Claws of the Dark Dragon," in Short Stories (September 1938)
  • "China Boy," in Short Stories (December 1938)
  • "Stolen Fortune," in Australian Women's Weekly Supplement (1938)
  • "Outlaw Cargoes," in Short Stories (February 1939)
  • "Madman’s Holiday," in Wings (Fall 1939)
  • "If with All Your Heart," in Short Stories (March 1940)
  • "Witness, the Wind," in Short Stories (June 1940)
  • "Five Pieces of Silver," in Short Stories (August 1940)
  • "Night Freight," in Short Stories (September 1940, a Simon Crole story)
  • "Seven Seconds of Eternity," in Weird Tales (September-October 1940, vol. 35, no. 5)
  • "Until the Day of Peace," in Short Stories (May 1941)
  • "Boss of Red River," in Short Stories (September 1941)
  • "Core of the Purple Flame," in Weird Tales (November-December 1941, vol. 36, no. 2)
  • "No Evidence Needed," in Short Stories (October 1944)
  • And Death Drove On (1945, as Robert Fleming)
  • "No Vault of Ours," in Short Stories (October 1947)
  • "The Thirteenth Key," in Short Stories (May 1950)
  • "Riverman," in Short Stories (January 1951)

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