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Shailer Mathews

Liberal Christian theologian

Shailer Mathews


  • The Social Teachings of Jesus, 1897
  • A History of New Testament Times in Palestine, 1899
  • The French Revolution, 1900
  • The Messianic Hope in the New Testament, 1905
  • The Church and the Changing Order, 1907
  • The Social Gospel, 1909
  • The Gospel and the modern Man, 1910
  • The Social Teaching of Jesus, 1910
  • Scientific Management in Churches, 1911
  • The Individual and the Social Gospel, 1914
  • The Spiritual Interpretation of History, 1916
  • Patriotism and Religion, 1918
  • The Validity of American Ideals, 1922
  • The Faith of Modernism, 1924
  • Jesus on Social Institutions, 1928
  • The Atonement and the Social Process, 1930
  • The Growth of the Idea of God, 1931
  • Immortality and the Cosmic Process, 1933
  • Christianity and Social Process, 1934
  • Creative Christianity, 1935
  • New Faith for Old: An Autobiography, 1936
  • The Church and the Christian, 1938
  • Is God Emeritus? 1940
Christian Sociology

"Christian Sociology" in The American Journal of Sociology, 01 (1) (1895)

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