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Walter Kelly Firminger


  • Thacker's Guide to Calcutta (1906) (transcription project)
  • A criticism of Böhm-Bawerk's doctrine of capital and interest (1892)
  • The Diaries of three surgeons of Patna, 1763 (1909)
  • The fifth report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Affairs of the East India Company, dated 28th July, 1812 (1917-18)
  • Firminger's Manual of gardening for India. (1904)
  • Genuine memoirs of Asiaticus (1909)
  • The letter copy books of the resident at the durbar at Murshidabad. 1769-1770. (1919)
  • The narrative of the life of a gentleman long resident in India, (1910)
  • Religion (1894)
  • Some thoughts on the recent criticism of the life and works of John Henry Cardinal Newman (1892)
  • The Sylhet District records (1913-1919)
  • What then did Dr. Newman do? : being an inquiry into his share in the church revival and a brief statement of the leading features of his religious teaching. (1892)

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