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William Henry Fox Talbot
English chemist, photographic inventor, archaeologist and MP.
William Henry Fox Talbot


  • On the Properties of a certain Curve derived from the Equilateral Hyperbola, in Gergonne's ‘Annales Mathématiques’ (1822, xiii. 242–7)
  • Some Account of the Art of Photogenic Drawing, or the process by which natural objects may be made to delineate themselves without the aid of the artist's pencil, Philosophical Magazine. 1839, xiv. pp. 196–211.
  • The Pencil of Nature (1844–6), in six parts
  • Legendary Tales, in verse and prose, (1830)
  • Hermes, or Classical and Antiquarian Researches (1838–9) two numbers only.
  • The Antiquity of the Book of Genesis (1839)
  • English Etymologies (1847)
  • Assyrian Texts translated (1856)
  • On the Improvement of the Telescope, (1842), British Association (Report, pp. 16–17)
  • On a new Method of estimating the Distance of some of the Fixed Stars. (1871) British Association (Report, pp. 34–36)

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