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Wrong last name[edit]

His name was never Charles Wynn-Carrington.

His name from birth was talk:Charles Carrington. In 1880, he and his brothers changed the family's last name to Carington (with one r). In 1896, he and his family changed their name to Wynn-Carington. That name has never been spelt with two r's.

Timeline of name[edit]

Time span Name Title
1843–1868 Charles Carrington Hon. Charles Carrington
1868–1880 Charles Carrington Charles Carrington, 3rd Baron Carrington
1880–1895 Charles Carington Charles Carington, 3rd Baron Carrington
1895–1896 Charles Carington Charles Carington, 1st Earl Carrington
1896–1912 Charles Wynn-Carington Charles Wynn-Carington, 1st Earl Carrington
1912–1928 Charles Wynn-Carington Charles Wynn-Carington, 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire

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