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Biographical info[edit]

  • From The New Outlook (9 Aug 1916; p. 878):

Several correspondents write to The Outlook that the poem " Christ in Flanders," reprinted in The Outlook of July 26 last, in fact originally appeared in the "Spectator" of London, as we supposed. One correspondent thinks that it appeared in the issue of the London "Spectator" for September 11—presumably 1915, but probably 1914. All say that the poem was originally signed "L. W." A correspondent, who seems fully informed on the subject, states that the author was Lucy Foster Whitmell (Mrs. Charles Whitmell), of Leeds, England,and that the poem was reprinted in leaflet form and sold nearly fifty thousand copies, while it has been quoted in sermons by the Bishop of London and the Archbishop of York. It is said also that the poem was reprinted in New York City at the Chapel of the Comforter, in Horatio Street, as Gospel Leaflet No. 11, and was widely distributed in card form.

  • From Leeds Astronomical Society publication (1907): ["Officers for 1907": Committee member] Mrs. C. T. Whitmell, M.B.A.A., Invermay, Hyde Park... January, 1907.