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Name: Susan Dabney Smedes
Birth - Death: 1840-1913
Source Citation:

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Her Family[edit]


Father: Thomas Smith Gregory Dabney 1798-1885
Born: 4 Jan 1798 King and Queen Co., VA
Died 28 Feb 1885 Baltimore, MD
Buried Ware Cemetery, Gloucester, Gloucester Co., VA
Her G-Father:Benjamin Dabney, b. circa 1764
Her G-Mother:Sarah Smith, b. 27 Feb 1775, Westmoreland Co., VA
Her Father's Family 1st
Mary Adelaide Tyler. Married 6 Jun 1820 Williamsburg, VA. Died.

Their Children
1. Benjamin A. Dabney
2. Samuel Tyler Dabney
Her father's Family 2nd /* brother and sister both became authors */

Sophia Hill, b. circa 1810, Virginia. Married 18 Jun 1826 King and Queen Co., VA

Their Children
1. Charles Dabney, b. 27 Mar 1827
2. Thomas Dabney, b. 25 Dec 1828
3. James Dabney, b. circa 1832
4. Charles Dabney, b. circa 1833
5. Virginius Dabney, b.15 Feb. 1835, Gloucester Co., VA ** [ Author ]
6. Edward Dabney, b. 1836
7. Sarah Dabney, b. 4 Nov 1838, Hinds Co., MS
8. Susan D. Dabney, b.10 Aug. 1840, Hinds Co., MS ** [Author] m. Rev. Lyell Smedes, of Raleigh, N.C.
9. Sophia Dabney, b. 1842
10. Benjamin Dabney, b. circa 1844
11. Benjamin Dabney, b. 4 Nov 1846
12. Emmeline Dabney, b. 1848
13. Ida Dabney, b. circa 1848
14. Thomas Smith Dabney, b. 16 May 1850, Hinds Co., MS
15. Lelia Dabney, b. 1852
16. Rosalie Dabney, b. 1854

Temporary Notes:

Thomas Smith Gregory Dabney 1798 - 1885 was a son of Benjamin Dabney and Sarah Smith, daughter of Rev. Thomas Smith of Cople parish, Westmoreland county, Virginia, was born in King and Queen county, Virginia, January 4, 1798; was under the guardianship of his uncle John Augustine Smith, *president of William and Mary College*; went to school in Elizabeth, New Jersey; attended William and Mary College. In 1835 he moved to Mississippi, where he became a successful cotton planter. He was a strong admirer of Henry Clay, and like other Old Line Whigs of the South were led by that statesman into strong nationalistic views inconsistent with their early states rights professions. But when the war broke out in 1861, he cast his lot with the South, and three of his sons joined the Confederate army. He married (first) Mary Adelaide, daughter of Samuel Tyler, chancellor of the Williamsburg district, Virginia. He married (second) Sophia Hill, daughter of Charles Hill, of King and Queen county.

By the last marriage he was father of Virginius Dabney, author of "Don Miff," and Susan D. Dabney (who married Rev. Lyell Smedes, of Raleigh, North Carolina), who wrote the book "Memorials of a Southern Planter". (presently working on)

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume II

VIII--Prominent Persons