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This page is currently not sorted, but bear with me and I'll do something about that when I have a bit more time than just now. We need to decide how to format author pages with very long DNB biography lists, and there are various suggestions. Putting them to the test on this page may resolve the question, given that at 1400 articles it is the longest list there will be for a DNB author. What are the options?

  1. Try something like five columns in smaller type (if this is acceptable then maybe we don't need more complex ideas - to try first).
  2. In columns but with an alphabetical ToC to click.
  3. Put the links in a template that can be clicked down to the header line.
  4. Put the links in a template that can be clicked down, but fancy, so that you get an alphabetical ToC and can click open one letter at a time (these things are probably possible with the goodwill of some wizard).
  5. Put the links on a subpage.
  6. Put the links on a subpage in a table with "added value" in the form of such things as page numbers (allowing conversion to paper references and back).
  7. Put the links on a subpage in a table, but use a one-line template to generate table rows, having a good effect on the manipulations list <-> table people may wish to do, and generally allowing some flexibility in the "added value".

And no doubt others, but these options represent the scope of discussion so far, I think. The "added value" concept is interesting, but how would it coordinate with the Epitome listings on Wikipedia? See w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Dictionary of National Biography#Maintenance for access to those 63 per-volume listings. Where do the page numbers, Epitome summaries, and indications of subarticles actually belong? (Should it be WS or WP? In a sense the summaries are more naturally here on WS, where they could be proof-read, and that they are on WP is a historical accident.)

So the aim of this discussion is to think through the simpler options by seeing them on the page. If acceptable as such for this author, maybe a Scriptorium thread to ratify that view would be a good idea. If not, the template route or the subpage route? And plain or fancy? Charles Matthews (talk) 08:40, 17 September 2010 (UTC)

Started on the first path above and saved the page when the following ideas came to mind…

  • It sure seems like a lot of information for one page…(12 pgs of scrolling to the bottom) (This format will probably bog down the servers( >48k) and could limit access to some users)
  • The second path seems really close to the existing DNB ToC's, but would be limited to one author's articles.
  • Need more context on paths 3 & 4.
    • Subpages (Ahah…) with a slight twist…using the current "small" font size, each page of scrolling contains about 10% of the entire list. What about keeping the first page or so of this author’s articles on the title page (helps reader visually connect author with their written work) and links to subsequent subpages to cover the remainder of their DNB articles ? While Thompson Cooper would have more subpages, the format of all DNB author pages would be similar, the variation would be limited to their works completed beyond their DNB contributions. A small table with links to subpages (using alphabet Letters as anchor points, as one option) would only be required for a few of the authors as the vast majority wrote fewer than 300 articles (about a page and a half of scrolling).

Wikisource is the library…and maintains the connection to the authenticity of the original works. The formatting of the Epitome would closely resemble the Errata volume…many succinct entries. As long as that critical link is maintained, the management of the information can take place outside Wikisource. An interesting observation has been the continual text migration that occurs on those pages…thereby obscuring the path to those attemting to follow…

The subarticles were inconsistently noticed in the original work. To expand access for historical research, it would be wise to use the subnote line in the article header to mention any subarticles (defined as a person mentioned in a DNB article using {{sc}} formatting). It would also be wise to use this formatting as anchor points for redirects if the subarticle cannot be observed on the first page of the main article.

As for merging Epitome and main articles, I see two options clearly…

(A) Take the reader to the source…

  • Two links per article, [ Martin, Edward - (Ep-link) ]. The page numbers are meaningless without the context of the specific volume in play (DNB vol. 24, p. xxx; 1901 Supp. Vol. 2, p. xxy; or Epitome pg. xxz). So these links go to the specific article, and in that location the reader can identify both volume and page number for purposes of citations.

or (B) Transclude both sources to one location…where the main articles already reside…

  • Either lead with the Epitome (need to provide pg # for connection to hardcopy research) or place at the end with a sub-note redirect as required. JamAKiska (talk) 20:31, 2 January 2011 (UTC)