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I have partially reviewed the copyright situation for this author. He was a US citizen so US law should apply throughout.

  • His first two works (Biltmore Oswald and Out O'Luck) are in the public domain.
  • The copyright for Topper was properly renewed, and continues to be available on a current basis at a reasonable price, this may not be available to us until 2021. It was his most popular book.
  • The copyright for Dream's End was properly renewed, but has been long out of print. What is available sells for high prices. This would be a good candidate to includ under the archive provisions.
  • I have not researched the later books. Eclecticology 20:56, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Existing Etexts[edit]

My Forgotten Futures web site, based in the United Kingdom, has eight of these books in HTML and Microsoft Reader formats. You're welcome to convert them to the preferred format if the American copyright situation is resolved. Project Gutenberg has Biltmore Oswald and sequel. Marcus Rowland