Backblock Ballads and Later Verses/The Australaise

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628353Backblock Ballads and Later Verses — The Austra——laiseC. J. Dennis

The Austral——aise

    Fellers of Australier,
        Blokes an' coves an' coots,
    Shift yer —— carcases,
        Move yer —— boots.
    Gird yer —— loins up,
        Get yer —— gun,
    Set the —— enermy
        An' watch the —— run.

        Get a —— move on,
            Have some —— sense.
        Learn the —— art of
            Self de- —— -fence.

    Have some —— brains be-
        Neath yer —— lids.
    An' swing a —— sabre
        Fer the missus an' the kids.

    Chuck supportin' —— posts,
        An' strikin' —— lights,
    Support a —— fam'ly an'
        Strike fer yer —— rights.

        Get a —— move, etc.

    Joy is —— fleetin',
        Life is —— short.
    Wot's the use uv wastin' it
        All on —— sport?
    Hitch yer —— tip-dray
        To a —— star.
    Let yer —— watchword be
        "Australi- —— -ar!"

        Get a —— move, etc.

    'Ow's the —— nation
        Goin' to ixpand
    'Lest us —— blokes an' coves
        Lend a —— 'and ?

    'Eave yer —— apathy
        Down a —— chasm;
    'Ump yer —— burden with
        Enthusi- —— -asm.

        Get a —— move, etc.

    W'en the —— trouble
        Hits yer native land
    Take a —— rifle
        In yer —— 'and.
    Keep yer —— upper lip
        Stiff as stiff kin be,
    An' speed a —— bullet for
        Pos- —— -terity.

        Get a —— move, etc.

    W'en the —— bugle
        Sounds "Ad- —— -vance"
    Don't be like a flock uv sheep
        In a —— trance.

    Biff the —— foeman
        Where it don't agree.
    Spifler- —— -cate him
        To Eternity.

        Get a —— move, etc.

    Fellers of Australier,
        Cobbers, chaps an' mates,
    Hear the —— enermy
        Kickin' at the gates!
    Blow the —— bugle,
        Beat the —— drum,
    Upper-cut and out the cow
        To kingdom- —— -come!

        Get a —— move on,
            Have some —— sense.
        Learn the —— art of
            Self de- —— -fence!