Bacteria, why do they make me sick?

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Bacteria, why do they make me sick? (2019)
Gino Corsini Acuña, illustrated by Felipe Serrano González, translated by Paulina Segovia, edited by Isidora Sesnic Humeres

Centro de Comunicación de las Ciencias de la Universidad Autónoma de Chile, pages 1–8



Dr. Gino Corsini Acuña

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Dr. Gino Corsini started out in science through his university studies after graduating as a Biochemist from Universidad de Chile, the institution where he obtained his PhD in Science, with a specialization in Microbiology.

He has worked as a professor teaching Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology for undergraduate and graduate students.

He has actively participated as a member of the board of the Chilean Society for Microbiology, Chilean Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SBBMCH, for its acronym in Spanish), the Chilean Society of Biology (SBCH, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Latin American Association of Microbiology (ALAM, for its acronym in Spanish). At present, he holds the position of Director of the Institute of Biomedical Science at Universidad Autónoma de Chile.



Dr. Gino Corsini Acuña

Bacteria, why do they make me sick?
Dr. Gino Corsini

Original title: Bacterias ¿Por qué me enferman?
Translation: Paulina Segovia

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Research assistant: Laura Navarro Heredia
Layout, illustrations and cover design: Felipe Serrano González
Pedagogical review: Natalia Poblete Ahumada

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