Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Alpha Digamma

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Alpha Digamma was founded at Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, in February, 1859. Some trouble arising among the literary societies rendered the formation of such a fraternity possible, and accordingly it was established.

The founders were Messrs. R. B. Brownell, Wm. H. Fleek, J. C. Garrison, A. J. McKennir, J. H. Jenkins, and others. The number of members is limited, and the fraternity has accordingly been prosperous, especially during the last eight or ten years.

Projects for new chapters were frequently discussed, but without result until 1864, when a chapter, the "Beta," was established at Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. Its charter was revoked four years later, however, on account of the disgraceful conduct of some of the members. Among the prominent alumni of Alpha Digamma we will mention Major E. C. Dawes, of Cincinnati; General R. R. Dawes, of Marietta; General B. D. Fearing, of Cincinnati; and Oakley Johnson, Judge of the Supreme Court of West Virginia.

The badge of the fraternity is a crescent-shaped disk, in the broadest part of which is a shield-shaped space bearing a lighted lamp. To the left and right are the letters "A" and "F." Beneath the "A" are clasped hands, while beneath the "F" are a key and dagger crossed.

No catalogue of the fraternity has as yet been issued, but the total number of members to date is 168.

Their colors are black and gold.