Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Pi Kappa Alpha

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The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia, in 1868, by Fred. S. Taylor, L. W. T. Bradford, Robertson Howard, Julian E. Wood, and Jas. B. Sclater; all but Mr. Howard being Virginians.

Chapters have been estab1ished as follows:

  1. Alpha, Virginia University, 1868.
  2. Beta, Davidson College, 1869 (died 1869).
  3. Gamma, William and Mary College, 1871.
  4. Delta, Southern University (Alabama), 1871 (died, 1873).
  5. Epsilon, Virginia Agricultural College, 1872.
  6. Zeta, East Tennessee University, 1874 (died 1875).
  7. Eta, Louisiana University, 1878.
  8. Theta, Southwestern Presbyterian University, 1878.

The Beta Chapter was killed by anti-fraternity laws soon after its establishment. The Delta and Zeta died because no member returned at the beginning of the collegiate years indicated.

The badge is a shield surmounted by a diamond. The four corners of the shield thus left exposed are white, and bear the letters “φ, φ, χ, α,” while the diamond is of black or blue enamel, displaying the letters “ΠΚΑ” in gold.

The total number of members to date is 275.