Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Rainbow Fraternity

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This fraternity was founded at Mississippi University, in 1848, by John B. Herring, Esq. Several chapters have been organized before and since the war, but have generally been forced to disband by the action of the college authorities prohibiting secret societies in the various colleges. The chapters so far as known are as follows:

  1. S. A., Mississippi University, 1848.
  2. A., La Grange College, 1848 (died 1861).
  3. L. K. S., Furman College (died ?).
  4. D. of V., Neophogen College (died ?).
  5. L. T., Erskine College (died ?).
  6. L. S., Wofford College (died ?).

The records of the fraternity were many of them lost or destroyed during the war and are now inaccessible.

The S. A. Chapter was forced to disband in 1861, but was reorganized in 1865. It has ever been prosperous, and takes a high rank among the fraternities at Oxford.

The badge of the “Rainbow” is an arc of colored enamels, surmounting a “W.” In the semicircle enclosed by the arc are inscribed the chapter letters, in this case “S. A.” The badge is of gold, and is sometimes handsomely jewelled.

The total membership is probably about 400.