Balanced Budget Act of 1997/Title VIII

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Sec. 8001. Short Title; Table of Contents.[edit]

(a) Short Title.—
This title may be cited as the ``Veterans Reconciliation Act of 1997´´.
(b) Table of Contents.—
The table of contents for this title is as follows:
Sec. 8001. Short Title; Table of Contents.
Subtitle A — Extension of Temporary Authorities
Sec. 8011. Enhanced Loan Asset Sale Authority.
Sec. 8012. Home Loan Fees.
Sec. 8013. Procedures Applicable to Liquidation Sales on Defaulted Home Loans Guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Sec. 8014. Income Verification Authority.
Sec. 8015. Limitation on Pension for Certain Recipients of Mmedicaid-Covered Nursing Home Care.
Subtitle B — Copayments and Medical Care Cost Recovery
Sec. 8021. Authority to Require that Certain Veterans Make Copayments in Exchange for Receiving Health Care Benefits.
Sec. 8022. Medical Care Cost Recovery Authority.
Sec. 8023. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical-Care Receipts.
Subtitle C — Other Matters
Sec. 8031. Rounding Down of Cost-of-Living Adjustments in Compensation and DIC Rates for Fiscal Years 1998 Through 2002.
Sec. 8032. Increase in Amount of Home Loan Fees for the Purchase of Repossessed Homes from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Sec. 8033. Withholding of Payments and Benefits.