Balanced Budget Act of 1997/Title XI

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Sec. 11001. Short Title; Table of Contents.[edit]

(a) Short Title.—
This title may be cited as the ``National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act of 1997´´.
(b) Table of Contents.—
The table of contents for this title is as follows:
Sec. 11001. Short Title; Table of Contents.
Subtitle A — District of Columbia Retirement Funds
Chapter 1 — Short Title; Findings; Definitions
Sec. 11001. Short Title.
Sec. 11002. Findings and Declaration of Policy.
Sec. 11003. Definitions.
Chapter 2 — Federal Benefit Payments Under District Retirement Programs
Sec. 11011. Obligation of Federal Government to Make Benefit Payments.
Sec. 11012. Federal Benefit Payments Described.
Sec. 11013. Establishment of Single Annual Cost-of-Living Adjustment Under District Retirement Program.
Chapter 3 — Determinations And Review of Eligibility and Payments; Information Sharing
Sec. 11021. Determination of Eligibility for and Amount of Federal benefit payments made by Trustee.
Sec. 11022. Procedures for Resolving Claims Arising from Denied Benefit Payments.
Sec. 11023. Transfer of and Access to Records of District Government.
Sec. 11024. Federal Information Sharing for Verification of Benefit Determinations.
Chapter 4 — District Of Columbia Federal Pension Liability Trust Fund
Sec. 11031. Creation of Trust Fund.
Sec. 11032. Uses of Amounts in Trust Fund.
Sec. 11033. Transfer of Assets and Obligations of District Retirement Funds.
Sec. 11034. Treatment of Trust Fund under Certain Laws.
Sec. 11035. Administration through Trustee.
Chapter 5 — Responsibilities Of District Government
Sec. 11041. Interim Administration.
Sec. 11042. Replacement Plan.
Chapter 6 — Financing Of Benefit Payments After Depletion of Trust Fund
Sec. 11051. Creation of Federal Supplemental Fund.
Sec. 11052. Uses of Amounts in Fund.
Sec. 11053. Determination of Annual Payment Into Federal Supplemental Fund.
Sec. 11054. Determination of Methodology for Making Payments.
Sec. 11055. Special Requirements Upon Discontinuation of Trust Fund.
Chapter 7 — Reports
Sec. 11061. Annual Valuations and Reports by Enrolled Actuary.
Sec. 11062. Reports by Comptroller General.
Chapter 8 — Judicial Enforcement
Sec. 11071. Judicial Review.
Sec. 11072. Jurisdiction and Venue.
Sec. 11073. Statute of Limitations.
Sec. 11074. Treatment of Misappropriation of Fund Amounts as Federal Crime.
Chapter 9 — Miscellaneous
Sec. 11081. Coordination between Secretary, Trustee, and District Government.
Sec. 11082. Study of Alternatives for Financing Federal Obligations.
Sec. 11083. Issuance of Regulations by Secretary.
Sec. 11084. Effect on Reform Act and Other Laws.
Sec. 11085. Reference to New Federal Program for Retirement of Judges of District of Columbia Courts.
Sec. 11086. Full Faith and Credit.
Sec. 11087. Severability of Provisions.
Subtitle B — Management Reform Plans
Sec. 11101. Short Title.
Sec. 11102. Management Reform Plans for District Government.
Sec. 11103. Procedures for Development of Plans.
Sec. 11104. Implementation of Plans.
Sec. 11105. Reform of Powers and Duties of Department Heads.
Sec. 11106. No Effect on Powers of Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority.
Subtitle C — Criminal Justice
Chapter 1 — Corrections
Sec. 11201. Bureau of Prisons.
Sec. 11202. Corrections Trustee.
Sec. 11203. Priority Consideration for Employees of the District of Columbia.
Sec. 11204. Amendments Related to Persons with a Mental Disease or Defect.
Sec. 11205. Liability for and Litigation Authority of Corrections Trustee.
Sec. 11206. Permitting Expenditure of Funds to Carry Out Certain Sewer Agreement.
Chapter 2 — Sentencing
Sec. 11211. Truth-in-Sentencing Commission.
Sec. 11212. General Duties, Powers, and Goals of Commission.
Sec. 11213. Data Collection.
Sec. 11214. Enactment of Amendments to District of Columbia Code.
Chapter 3 — Offender Supervision and Parole
Sec. 11231. Parole.
Sec. 11232. Pretrial Services, Defense Services, Parole, Adult Probation and Offender Supervision Trustee.
Sec. 11233. Offender Supervision, Defender and Courts Services Agency.
Sec. 11234. Authorization of Appropriations.
Chapter 4 — District Of Columbia Courts
Subchapter A — Transfer of Administration and Financing of Courts to Federal Government
Sec. 11241. Authorization of Appropriations.
Sec. 11242. Administration of Courts Under District of Columbia Code.
Sec. 11243. Budgeting and Financing Requirements for Courts Under Home Rule Act.
Sec. 11244. Auditing of Accounts of Court System.
Sec. 11245. Miscellaneous Budgeting and Financing Requirements for Courts Under District Law.
Sec. 11246. Other Provisions Relating to Administration of District of Columbia Courts.
Subchapter B — Judicial Retirement Program
Sec. 11251. Judicial Retirement and Survivors Annuity Fund.
Sec. 11252. Termination of Current Fund and Program.
Sec. 11253. Conforming Amendments.
Subchapter C — Miscellaneous Conforming and Administrative Provisions
Sec. 11261. Treatment of Courts Under Miscellaneous District Laws.
Sec. 11262. Representation of Indigents in Criminal Cases.
Chapter 5 — Pretrial Services Agency and Public Defender Service
Sec. 11271. Amendments Affecting Pretrial Services Agency.
Sec. 11272. Amendments Affecting Public Defender Service.
Chapter 6 — Miscellaneous Provisions
Sec. 11281. Technical Assistance and Research.
Sec. 11282. Exemption from Personnel and Budget Ceilings for Trustees and Related Agencies.
Subtitle D — Privatization of Tax Collection and Administration
Sec. 11301. Findings.
Sec. 11302. Authorizing Chief Financial Officer to Privatize Tax Administration and Collection.
Subtitle E — Financing of District of Columbia Accumulated Deficit
Sec. 11401. Findings.
Sec. 11402. Authorization for Intermediate-Term Advances of Funds by the Secretary of the Treasury to Liquidate the Accumulated General Fund Deficit of the District of Columbia.
Sec. 11403. Conforming Amendments.
Sec. 11404. Technical Corrections.
Sec. 11405. Authorization for Issuance of General Obligation Bonds by the District of Columbia to Finance or Refund its Accumulated General Fund Deficit.
Subtitle F — District of Columbia Bond Financing Improvements
Sec. 11501. Short Title.
Sec. 11502. Findings.
Sec. 11503. Amendment to Section 462 (relating to contents of borrowing legislation and elections on issuing general obligation bonds).
Sec. 11504. Amendment to Section 466 (relating to public or negotiated sale of general obligation bonds).
Sec. 11505. Amendment to Section 467 (relating to authority to create security interests in District revenues).
Sec. 11506. Amendment to Section 472 (relating to borrowing in anticipation of revenues).
Sec. 11507. Addition of New Section 475 (relating to general obligation bond anticipation notes).
Sec. 11508. Amendment to Section 490 (relating to revenue bonds and other obligations).
Sec. 11509. Conforming Amendment.
Subtitle G — District of Columbia Government Budget
Sec. 11601. Elimination of the Annual Federal Payment to the District of Columbia.
Sec. 11602. Requirement that the District of Columbia Balance Its Budget in FY 1998.
Sec. 11603. Permitting Expedited Submission and Approval of Consensus Budget and Financial Plan.
Sec. 11604. Increase in Maximum Amount of Permitted District Borrowing.
Subtitle H — Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 1 — Regulatory Reform in the District of Columbia
Sec. 11701. Review and Revision of Regulations and Permit and Application Processes.
Sec. 11702. Repeal of Clean Air Compliance Fee Act of 1994.
Sec. 11703. Repeal Requirement for Congressional Authorization of Certain Mergers Involving District of Columbia Public Utility Corporations.
Sec. 11704. Exemption of Certain Contracts from Council Review.
Chapter 2 — Other Miscellaneous Provisions
Sec. 11711. Revisions to Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act.
Sec. 11712. Cooperative Agreements Between Federal Agencies and Metropolitan Police Department.
Sec. 11713. Permitting Garnishment of Wages of Officers and Employees of District of Columbia Government.
Sec. 11714. Permitting Excess Appropriations by Water and Sewer Authority for Capital Projects.
Sec. 11715. Requiring Certain Federal Officials to Provide Notice Before Carrying Out Activities Affecting Real Property Located in District of Columbia.
Sec. 11716. Repeal Term of Deed of Conveyance to Certain Hospital.
Sec. 11717. Short Title of Home Rule Act.
Chapter 3 — Effective Date; General Provisions
Sec. 11721. Effective Date.
Sec. 11722. Technical Assistance.
Sec. 11723. Liability.