Bank v. Kennedy

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United States Supreme Court

84 U.S. 19

Bank  v.  Kennedy

ERROR to the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

Kennedy, receiver of the Merchants' National Bank, brought suit in the court below against the National Bank of the Metropolis, to recover the balance alleged to be due on a check for $50,000, dated May 1st, 1866, drawn by one Robinson on the said Bank of the Metropolis, in favor of the said Merchants' Bank, and duly presented for payment. On presentation of the check the Bank of the Metropolis admitted its obligation to pay it, but as part payment thereof, delivered to the messenger of the Merchants' Bank a note of C. A. Sherman, cashier of that bank, for $20,000, dated February 27th, 1866. The Merchants' Bank declined to receive this note as payment, and sent it back demanding the cash. But the Bank of the Metropolis refused to take back the note, insisting that although it was signed by Sherman, individually, it was given for account of the Merchants' Bank, and for a loan made to it. The principal controversy in the case arose upon the question whether the note was given by Sherman on his own account or on account of the Merchants' Bank.

Certain preliminary questions, however, were raised with reference to the authority of the receiver to bring the action.

Verdict and judgment, under the rulings as to evidence, and under the charge, were given for the plaintiff; and the defendant, the Bank of the Metropolis, brought the case here. This court disposed of the different points raised, considering them in the order of the several assignments of error.

Messrs. Hubley Ashton and W. D. Davidge, for the plaintiffs in error; Messrs. R. T. and W. M. Merrick, contra.

Mr. Justice BRADLEY delivered the opinion of the court.


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