Barack Obama's Letter to Timothy E. Hoeksema

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Letter to Timothy E. Hoeksema
by Barack Obama

Letter to Midwest Airlines CEO Timothy E. Hoeksema on 10 October 2008.

Mr. Timothy E. Hoeksema

Chairman and CEO
Midwest Airlines
6744 South Howell Avenue
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Dear Mr. Hoeksema:

As you know, my campaign contacted with Midwest Airlines to provide charter service this year. I have appreciated Midwest Airline's service and performance. I also chose the Airline because of its history of management and employee partnership.

I am writing because Midwest employees have approached me with concerns about their prospects with Midwest Airlines and feel like those concerns have fallen on deaf ears. They have said that seventy-five percent of Midwest Airlines flight attendants will be furloughed and on unemployment through early next year and are facing demands to cut their wages up to fifty percent. they also argue that Midwest will outsource scores of flight attendant jobs unless dramatic and drastic wage and benefit reductions are enacted.

I write to ask for clarification on your part on these points and to call on all parties to engage in a good faith negotiation process to weigh all options and protect the jobs of Midwest employees. At all firms, I believe that policy and practice should encourage employees and management to share fairly in any firm's success and its struggles.

You have accomplished much in the collective bargaining process during the course of Midwest's history and I strongly urge you and all parties to reengage in that effort.

I look forward to your response on this urgent matter.



Barack Obama