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The Persons of the Play.

John Littlewit Puppets
Win Littlewit A proctor.
Dame Purecraft His wife.
Zeal-of-the-land Busy Her mother and a widow.
Winwife Her suitor, a Banbury man.
Quarellous His rival, a gentleman.
Bartholomew Cokes His companion, a gamester.
Humphrey Waspe An esquire of Harrow.
Adam Overdoo His man.
Dame Overdoo A justice of peace.
Grace Welborne His wife.
Lant. Leatherhead His ward.
Joan Trash A hobbyhorse seller.
Ezechiel Edgworth A gingerbread woman.
Nightingale A cutpurse.
Ursula A ballad-singer.
Mooncalf A pigwoman.
Jordan Knockhum Her tapster.
Val. Cutting A horse-courser, and ranger o' Turnbull.
Captain Whit A roarer.
Punk Alice A bawd.
Trouble-All Mistress o' the game.
Watchmen (three) A madman.