Benbow v. Iowa City

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United States Supreme Court

74 U.S. 313

Benbow  v.  Iowa City

ERROR to the Circuit Court for the District of Iowa.

Benbow recovered judgment on the coupons attached to certain bonds which Iowa City issued to pay its subscription to the stock of the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad Company, and having failed by the ordinary process at law to obtain satisfaction of his judgment, he applied to the Circuit Court for a mandamus to compel the mayor and aldermen, in obedience to the provisions of the ordinance authorizing the issue of these bonds, to levy and collect the requisite tax to pay the judgment.

The court awarded the writ, and commanded the mayor and aldermen forthwith to levy a specific tax upon the taxable property of the city, for the year 1865, sufficient to pay the judgment, interest, and costs; collect the tax and pay the same, or show cause to the contrary by the next term of the court.

The defendants made return to the writ, that 'in obedience to the order of the court, they did proceed to levy a tax of one per cent. upon the taxable property of the said city, for the purpose of paying the judgment named in the information, and other claims, and that the said tax is sufficient in amount to pay the said judgment and other claims for the payment of which it was levied.'

To this return the relator demurred as insufficient. The court overruled the demurrer and gave judgment accordingly; and the relator brought the case here.

It was submitted on the record and the brief of Mr. Grant, for the relator, plaintiff in error.

Mr. Justice DAVIS delivered the opinion of the court.


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