Bibi - His Mark

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Bibi—His Mark  (1918) 
by Achmed Abdullah
From All-Story Weekly, Nov 2, 1918

Bibi I'Tueur was his name—Bibi the Killer.

As far back as he could remember—and his memory started with a day thirty years earlier when, at the advanced age of seven, a capped, velvet-trousered gentleman called Toto Laripette kicked him out into the street and told him to sink or swim on his own hook, he personally didn't give a damn which—as far back as he could remember he had had no other name: Bibi—though the latter half of his name, the Killer, pronounced as the case may be with love, fear, envy, respect, admiration, or hatred, came later on—deservedly.

Bibi ~
His Mark

by Achmed Abdullah

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