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Teſtament of
our Lord and Sauiour
Iesvs Christ.

¶ Newly Tranſlated out of the Originall Greeke: and with the former Tranſlations diligently compared and reuiſed, by his Maieſties ſpeciall Commandement.

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings moſt Excellent Maieſtie.

Anno Dom. 1611.

The Newe Testament title-page

Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/22 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/23 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/24 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/25 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/26 1 TAke heed that yee doe not your almes before men, to bee ſeen of them: otherwiſe yee haue no reward ‖Or, with. of your father which is in heauen.

2 Therefore, ** Rom. 12.8 when thou doeſt thine almes, ‖Or, cauſe not a trumpet to be ſounded. doe not ſound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites doe, in the Synagogues, and in the ſtreetes, that they may haue glory of men. Uerily, I ſay vnto you, they haue their reward.

3 But when thou doeſt almes, let not thy left hand know, what thy right doeth:

4 That thine almes may be in ſecret: And thy father which ſeeth in ſecret, himſelfe ſhall reward thee openly.

5 ¶And when thou prayeſt, thou ſhalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they loue to pray ſtanding in the Synagogues, and in the corners of the ſtreets, that they may be ſeene of men. Uerily I ſay vnto you, they haue their reward.

6 But thou when thou prayeſt, enter into thy cloſet, and when thou haſt ſhut thy doore, pray to they father which is in ſecret, and thy father which ſeeth in ſecret, ſhall reward thee openly.

7 But when yee pray, bſe not baine ** Ecclus. 7.16. repetitions, as the heathen doe. For they thinke that they ſhall be heard for their much ſpeaking.

8 Be not yee therefore like vnto them: For your father knoweth what things yee haue neede of, before yee aſke him.

9 After this maner therefore pray yee: ** Luke 11.2 Our Father which art in heauen, hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdome come. Thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heauen.

11 Giue vs this day our daily bread.

12 And forgiue vs our debts, as we forgiue our debters.

13 And lead vs not into temptation, but deliuer us from euill: For thine is the kingdome, and the power, and the glory, for euer, Amen.

14 ** Marke 11.25. For, if yee forgiue men their treſpaſſes, your heauenly father will alſo forgive you.

15 But, if yee forgiue not men their treſpaſſes, neither will your father forgiue your trſpaſſes.

16 ¶Moreouer, when yee faſt, be not as the hypocrites, of a ſad countenance: for they diſfigure their faces, that they may appeare vnto men to faſt: Uerily I ſay vnto you, they haue their reward.

17 But thou, when thou fasſteſt, anoint thine head, and waſh thy face:

18 That thou appeare not vnto men to faſt, but vnto thy father which is in ſecret: and thy father which ſeeth in ſecret, ſhall reward thee openly.

19 ¶Lay not vp for your ſelues treaſures upon earth, where moth and ruſt doth corrupt, and where theeues breake thorow, and ſteale.

20 ** Luke 12.33. I.tim 6.19. But lay vp for your ſelues treaſures in heauen, where neither moth nor ruſt doth corrupt, & where theeues doe not breake thorow, nor ſteale.

21 For where your treaſure is, there will your heart be alſo.

22 ** Luke 11.4. The light of the body is the eye: Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/28 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/29 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/30 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/31 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/32 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/33 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/34 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/35 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/36 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/37 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/38 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/39 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/40 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/41 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/42 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/43 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/44 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/45 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/46 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/47 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/48 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/49 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/50 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/51 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/52 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/53 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/54 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/55 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/56 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/57 Page:BibleKJV1611-020.pdf/58