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Chapter 1[edit]

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the wyll of God and brother Timotheus.

2 To the sayntes which are at Colossa and brethren that beleve in Christ.Grace be with you and peace from God oure father and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

3 We geve thankes to God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ alwayes prayenge for you

4 sence we hearde of youre faith which ye have in Christ Iesu and of the love which ye beare to all sayntes

5 for the hopes sake which is layde vp in store for you in heven of which hope ye have herde before by ye true worde of the gospell

6 which is come vnto you eve as it is in to all ye worlde and is frutefull as it is amoge you fro the fyrst daye in ye which ye herde of it and had experiece in ye grace of God in the trueth

7 as ye learned of Epaphra oure deare felowe servaunt which is for you a faythfull minister of Christ

8 which also declared vnto vs youre love which ye have in the sprete.

9 For this cause we also sence the daye we herde of it have not ceasyd prayinge for you and desyringe that ye myght be fulfilled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdome and spretuall vnderstodynge

10 that ye myght walke worthy of the lorde in all thynges that please beynge frutfull in all good workes and encreasynge in ye knowledge of God

11 strengthed with all myght thorowe hys glorious power vnto all pacience and longe sufferynge with ioyfulnes

12 gevynge thankes vnto the father which hath made vs mete to be part takers of the enheritaunce of sainctes in light.

13 Which hath delivered vs from the power of dercknes and hath translated vs in to the kyngdome of his dere sone

14 in whom we have redempcion thurow his bloud that is to saye the forgevenes of sinnes

15 which is the ymage of the invisible god fyrst begotten of all creatures.

16 For by him were all thynges created thynges that are in heven and thynges that are in erth: thynges visible and thynges invisible: whether they be maieste or lordshippe ether rule or power. All thinges are creatyd by hym and in him

17 and he is before all thinges and in him all thynges have their beynge.

18 And he is the heed of the body that is to wit of the congregacion: he is the begynnynge and fyrst begotten of the deed that in all thynges he might have the preeminence.

19 For it pleased the father that in him shuld all fulnes dwell

20 and by him to reconcile all thynge vnto him silfe and to set at peace by him thorow the bloud of his crosse both thynges in heven and thynges in erth.

21 And you (which were in tymes past straungers and enymes because youre myndes were set in evyll workes) hath he now recocilied

22 in ye body of his flesshe thorowe deeth to make you holy vnblameable and with out faut in his awne syght

23 yf ye continue grounded and stablysshed in the fayth and be not moved awaye from the hope of the gospell wher of ye have herde howe that it is preached amonge all creatures which are vnder heven wher of I Paul am made a minister.

24 Now ioye I in my soferinges which I suffre for you and fulfill that which is behynde of the passions of Christ in my flesshe for his bodies sake which is the congregacion

25 wher of I am made a minister acordynge to the ordinaunce of god which ordinaunce was geven me vnto you warde to fulfill ye worde of god

26 that mistery hid sence the worlde beganne and sence ye begynnynge of generacions: but now is opened to his saynctes

27 to whom god wolde make knowen the glorious riches of this mistery amonge the gentyls which riches is Christ in you the hope of glory

28 whom we preach warnynge all men and teachinge all men in all wisdome to make all men parfect in Christ Iesu.

29 Wherin I also laboure and stryve even as farforth as hys workynge worketh in me myghtely.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 I wolde ye knewe what fyghtinge I have for youre sakes and for them of Laodicia and for as many as have not sene my parson in the flesshe

2 that their hertes myght be coforted and knet togedder in love and in all ryches of full vnderstondynge for to knowe ye mistery of God ye father and of Christ

3 in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

4 This I saye lest eny man shuld begyle you with entysinge wordes.

5 For though I be absent in the flesshe yet am I present with you in the sprete ioyinge and beholdinge the order that ye kepe and youre stedfast fayth in Christ.

6 As ye have therfore receaved Christ Iesu the Lorde even so walke

7 roted and bylt in him and stedfaste in the fayth as ye have learned: and therin be plenteous in gevynge thankes.

8 Beware lest eny ma come and spoyle you thorow philosophy and disceatfull vanitie thorow the tradicions of me and ordinaunces after the worlde and not after christ.

9 For in him dwelleth all the fulnes of the godheed bodyly

10 and ye are complete in him which is the heed of all rule and power

11 in whom also ye are circucised with circumcision made mith out hondes by puttinge of the sinfull boddy of the flesshe thorow the circumcision yt is in Christ

12 in that ye are buryed with him thorow baptim in whom ye are also rysen agayne thorowe fayth that is wrought by the operacion of god which raysed him from deeth.

13 And ye which weare deed in synne thorow ye vncircucision of youre flesshe hath he quyckened wt him and hath forgeve vs all oure trespases

14 and hath put out ye handwritinge yt was agaynst vs cotayned in ye lawe writte and that hath he take out of the waye and hath fastened it to his crosse

15 and hath spoyled rule and power and hath made a shewe of the openly and hath triumphed over them in his awne persone.

16 Let no ma therfore trouble youre conscieces aboute meate and drynke or for a pece of an holydaye as the holydaye of the newe mone or of the sabboth dayes

17 which are nothinge but shaddowes of thynges to come: but the body is in Christ.

18 Let no man make you shote at a wroge (marke) which after his awne ymaginacion walketh in the humblenes and holynes of angels thinges which he never sawe: causlesse puft vp with his flesshly mynde

19 and holdeth not the heed wherof all the body by ioyntes and couples receaveth norisshment and is knet to gedder and encreaseth with the in creasynge that commeth of god.

20 Wherfore if ye be deed with Christ fro ordinaunces of the worlde why as though ye yet lived in the worlde are ye ledde with tradicios of them that saye?

21 Touche not tast not handell not:

22 which all perysshe wt the vsinge of the and are after the comaundmentes and doctrins of men

23 which thinges have the similitude of wisdome in chosen holynes and humblenes and in that they spare not the body and do the flesshe no worshype vnto his nede.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 If ye be then rysen agayne with christ seke those thynges which are above where Christ sitteth on the right honde of god.

2 Set youre affeccion on thynges yt are above and not on thinges which are on ye erth.

3 For ye are deed and youre lyfe is hid with Christ in god.

4 When Christ which is oure lyfe shall shewe him silfe then shall ye also appere with him in glory.

5 Mortifie therfore youre membres which are on the erth fornicacio vnclennes vnnaturall lust evyll cocupiscece and coveteousnes which is worshippynge of ydols:

6 for which thynges sakes the wrath of God cometh on the chyldren of vnbeleve.

7 In which thynges ye walked once. when ye lived in them.

8 But now put ye also awaye from you all thynges wrath fearsnes maliciousnes cursed speakynge filthy speakynge out of youre mouthes.

9 Lye not one to another that the olde man with his workes be put of

10 and the new put on which is renued in knowledge after the ymage of him that made him

11 where is nether gentile ner Iewe circumcision nor vncircumcision Barbarous or Sithian bonde or fre: but Christe is all in all thynges.

12 Now therfore as electe of god holy and beloved put on tender mercie kyndnes humblenes of myndes meknes longe sufferynge

13 forbearynge one another and forgevynge one another if eny man have a quarrell to a nother even as Christ forgave you even so do ye.

14 Above all these thinges put on love which is the bonde of parfectnes.

15 And ye peace of god rule in youre hertes to ye which peace ye are called in one body. And se that ye be thankfull.

16 Let the worde of Christ dwell in you plenteously in all wisdome. Teache and exhorte youre awne selves in psalmes and hymnes and spretuall songes which have favour wt them syngynge in youre hertes to the lorde.

17 And all thynges (whatsoever ye do in worde or dede) do in the name of the lorde Iesu gevinge thakes to god the father by him.

18 Wyves submit youre selves vnto youre awne husbandes as it is comly in the Lorde.

19 Husbandes love youre wyves and be not bitter vnto them.

20 Children obey youre fathers and mothers in all thinges for that is wel pleasynge vnto the lorde.

21 Fathers rate not youre children lest they be of a desperate mynde.

22 Servauntes be obedient vnto youre bodyly masters in all thynges: not with eye service as men pleasers but in synglenes of herte fearynge god.

23 And whatsoever ye do do it hertely as though ye did it to the lorde and not vnto men for as moche as ye

24 knowe that of the lorde ye shall receave the rewarde of inheritaunce for ye serve the lorde Christ.

25 But he that doth wronge shall receave for the wronge that he hath done: for there is no respect of persons.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 Ye masters do vnto youre servauntes that which is iust and egall seinge ye knowe that ye also have a master in heven.

2 Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thankes

3 gevynge prayenge also for vs that God open vnto vs the dore of vtteraunce that we maye speake the mistery of Christ wherfore I am in bondes:

4 yt I maye vtter it as it becometh me to speake.

5 Walke wysely to them that are with out and redeme ye tyme.

6 Let youre speache be all wayes well favoured and be powdred with salt that ye maye know how to answer every ma.

7 The deare brother Tichicos shall tell you of all my busynes which is a faythfull minister and felowe servaunt in the Lorde

8 whom I have sent vnto you for the same purpose that he myght knowe how ye do and myght comfort youre hertes

9 wt one Onesimus a faythfull and a beloved brother which is one of you. They shall shewe you of all thinges which are adoynge here.

10 Aristarchus my preson felowe saluteth you and Marcus Barnabassis systers sonne: touchinge whom ye receaved commaundementes. Yf he come vnto you receave him:

11 and Iesus which is called Iustus which are of the circumcision. These only are my workefelowes vnto the kyngdome of God which were vnto my consolacion.

12 Epaphras the servaut of Christ which is one of you saluteth you and all wayes laboreth fervently for you in prayers that ye maye stonde perfect and full in all that is the will of God.

13 I beare him recorde that he hath a fervet mynde towarde you and towarde them of Laodicia and them of Hierapolis.

14 Deare Lucas the Phisicion greteth you and Demas.

15 Salute the brethren which are of Laodicia and salute Nymphas and the congregacio which is in his housse.

16 And whe the pistle is reed of you make that it be reed in the congregacion of the Laodicians also: and that ye lyke wyse reade ye epistle of Laodicia.

17 And saye to Archippus: take hede to the office that thou hast receaved in the Lorde that thou fulfill it.

18 The salutacion by the honde of me Paul. Remember my bondes. Grace be with you. Amen.