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2 Thessalonians by Paul of Tarsus, translated by Wikisource
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Chapter 2[edit]



3Let no man deceive you in any way; that day shall not come until there is first a written divorcement and that this wandering from righteousness is uncovered: this progeny of destruction

4that opposes and lifts itself up over all speaking of God or else is honored as if it were God, is appointed among the churches demonstrating itself as their God.

5Don’t you remember? For when I was still among you, I told you these things.

6Likewise, presently, you see withholding such that this might be revealed at the proper time.

7For this hidden concept of unrighteousness is showing itself already at work, but is presently detained until it comes into existence from amongst us.

8And at that time this unrighteousness will be revealed which the Lord will destroy with the spirit of His mouth and put an end to it manifesting his presence.

9Whose presence is, according to the powerful work of the adversary, lying with all its powers and signs and miracles.

10And in all the deceitfulness of unrighteousness in those that perish, they instead do not take hold of the love of truth unto their own healing.

11And for this reason, God shall insert powerful errors into the lie that they believe

12such that all will be at odds with one other who don’t believe the truth but think this unrighteousness seems good.