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Isaiah by Isaiah, translated by Wikisource
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Chapter 1[edit]

1Vision of Yeshayahu (Isaiah) ben Amots (Amoz) which he perceived concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziyahu (Uzziah), Yotham (Jotham), Achaz (Ahaz), and Yechizqiyahu (Hezekiah), kings of Judah.

2Hear, heavens,
and listen up, earth,
for Yahweh speaks:
“I magnified and exalted sons,
but they transgressed against me.”
3The bull knows its owner.
And the donkey, the crib of his possessor.
But Israel knows not,
my people do not consider."
Sinful nation!
People bound [with] iniquity!
Offspring of evildoers!
Corrupting children!
They abandoned Yahweh!
They spurned the Holy One of Israel!
They are turned backwards!
5Why are you still stricken?
[Why] continue rebellion?
The entire head has a wound,
and the entire heart [is] faint.
6From bottom to top,
nothing in it [is] okay.
Bruise and wound and fresh blow--
they have not been squeezed nor bound,
neither is one softened with oil.

7Your country is desolate,
your cities burned with fire.
Foreigners devour your land in front of you.
It is desolate, overthrown by foreigners.
8Daughter Zion remains like a lean-to in a vineyard,
a hut in a cucumber field, a besieged city.
9Unless Yahweh of Armies left us a few survivors,
we would have been like Sodom;
we would have resembled Gomorrah.
10Listen to Yahweh's message, rulers of Sodom.
Hear the law of our god, people of Gomorrah.

11"Why so many sacrifices to me,"
says Yahweh. "I am fed up
with burnt offerings of rams,
and the fat of well-fed cattle.
The blood of bulls, and lambs, and goats
hold no delight for me.
12When you come to appear before me,
who has requested this of you,
to tread upon my courtyards?
13Bring no more empty offerings!
Incense disgusts me:
new moons, Sabbaths, calling assemblies.
I cannot bear wickedness with the festival.
14I loathe your new moons and feasts.
They are a burden to me;
I cannot bear them.
15When you spread your hands [in worship],
I will hide my eyes from you;
and when you pray many prayers,
I will not listen.
Your hands are filled with blood.
16Wash and purify yourselves;
remove your evil deeds from my sight;
cease your evildoing.
17Learn to do good. Seek justice.
Rebuke the oppressor.
Give the orphan justice;
plead the widow's case."

18"Come now, let us discuss this," says Yahweh.
"Although your sins are like scarlet,
they can become white as snow.
Though they be red as crimson,
they can become like wool."
19If you are willing and observant,
you will eat the good of the land.
20But if you refuse and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword,
because Yahweh's mouth has spoken.
21How the faithful city has prostituted itself!
It was filled with justice;
decency lodged there,
but now murderers.
22Your silver has become dross;
your wine is watered down.
23Your nobles are stubborn, companions of thieves.
Everyone loves graft and chases bribes.
They give no justice to the orphan,
and do not listen to the complaint of the widow.

24Therefore this is the utterance of Lord Yahweh of Armies, the Mighty One of Israel:
"Woe! I take vengeance on my enemies;
I will repay my opponents.
25I will turn my hand against you:
I will purge your dross with lye;
I will remove all your alloy.
26I will restore your judges as at first,
and your advisers at as the beginning.
Afterwards you will be called City of Righteousness, Town of Faithfulness.
27Zion will be set free by justice,
and her returnees by decency.
28Rebels and wrongdoers will be crushed together;
those who abandon Yahweh will be destroyed.
29Indeed, they will be ashamed of the sacred oaks which you have cherished,
and embarassed at the gardens which you have chosen;
30because you will be like an oak whose leaves wither;
and like a garden without water.
31The sturdy will become like a string of yarn,
and their work like a spark:
they will both burn together
and not be put out."

Chapter 29[edit]

1Alas, Ariel, Ariel[1] city, that David fought! Year is added to year: solemnities are ended. 2And I will surround Ariel, and it will be sad and mourn, and it will be to me like Ariel. 3I will encircle a circle around you like a ball, and build a rampart against you, and I will set strongholds to besiege you. 4I will humiliate you, and you will speak from the ground, and the dirt will hear your speech; and your voice will be like a python from the ground, and your words will come from the dirt. 5And as powder, the multitude of you will be scattered, and your multitude will pass as ashes, they that had mastery over you;

6and it will be in an instant suddenly. An army from the Lord will come in thunder, and an earthquake, and a great sound of a whirlwind, and a tempest, and a flame of fire devouring. 7And it will be like a dream, a night vision, the multitude of all gentiles that fought against Ariel, and all that moved against it, and besieged it, and prevailed against it. 8And as the hungry man dreams, and he eats, but he wakes, and his soul is empty, and as the thirsty man dreams, and drinks, and after he wakes, he is weak and thirsty, and his soul is empty, so will be all the multitude of gentiles that fought against mount Zion. 9Wait and wonder; blind and sightless; become drunk [inwardly], and not from wine; be moved, and not from drunkenness. 10For the Lord has poured on you a spirit of staggering; closed the eyes of your seers: prophets and principal seers, that see visions he will cover.

11And there will be a vision to all as the words of a sealed book, and when you give it to the learned[2] saying: "Read this:" they will answer: "I can not, for it is sealed" 12And the book will also be given to the unlearned,[3] saying: "Read;" and they will respond: "I do not know letters." 13And the Lord says, "This people approaches me with its mouth, and with its lips glorifies me, but its heart is far from me, and it respects me by men's mandates and doctrines, 14therefore, see this, adding to the wonders for this people, wonder upon wonder: destroyed will be the wisdom of its wise; the perception of its perceptive will be hidden." 15Woe, you deep in heart, that hide counsel from the Lord; who work in darkness, and say: "Who sees? And who knows us?"

16This, your thinking, is perverse; as if the clay thought against the potter, and the work said to its maker: "You didn't make me;" and the made said to its maker:[4] "You don't understand." 17Isn't it still in a very short time, Liban will be turned into Carmel, and Carmel into forest? 18And deaf men shall hear the words of the book on that day, and the eyes of blind men will see from dark and mist. 19And meek will increase happiness in the Lord, and poor men in Holy Israel will joy; 20for he who had mastery has failed, the deceiver is consumed, and all who watch over evil are cut off,

21that caused men to sin in words, and rebuked in the gate, and turned in vain from justice. 22For this, the Lord said to the house of Jacob, that redeemed Abraham: Jacob will not be ashamed anymore, nor will his face be ashamed; 23but when he sees his sons, the work of my hands in the midst of my holy name, and they preach the holy one of Jacob, and the God of Israel; 24and the learned err in spiritual understanding, and the murmurers will learn the law.

Chapter 41[edit]

1Listen to me Islands, and renew strength nations, and then speak; come together to judgement at the same time. 2Who reared up justice from the East, and called him to follow him? He hands over gentiles in his sight, and conquering kings; give them as dust to his sword, as straw blown to his bow. 3He will pursue them, pass in peace, a path will not appear at his feet. 4Who made and did these things, called generations for beginning? I [the] Lord, first and last, I am.[5] 5Islands saw and feared; the extremeties of the earth were stupefied,[6] they drew near and came.

6Each of them will help his neighbor, and say to his brother: "Be comforted." 7

13 [“]For I, Yahweh your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.’[”]

Chapter 55[edit]

1“What is wrong! Everyone who is thirsty come to the water, even without money!
“Come, buy food and eat! Come, buy food without money!
“Without cost, buy wine and cream!
2“Why are you spending money without eating, your savings without satisfaction?
“Listen! Listen to me and eat well! Feast yourself on your overflowing soul!
3“Open your mind and come to me! Listen and let your soul live!
“Let me make a permanent deal for you – the commitments guaranteed to David.
4“See, I gave him as a witness to the peoples, leader and commander for them all.
5“So see that you yourself will host a nation that you do not know;
and a nation that does not know you, they will run to you,
because of Yahweh your God, the Holy One of Israel who makes her beautiful.”
6Turn to Yahweh while he can be found! Call on him while he is near!
7Let the criminal change his ways, and the trouble-maker his thoughts;
returning to Yahweh who will pity him, to our God because he proliferates mercy.
8“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways, my ways,” declares Yahweh.
9“For as heaven is higher than earth, so my ways are higher than your ways,
and my thoughts higher than your thoughts;
10“and just as the rain goes down, and the snow, from the heavens,
and doesn’t return back there without quenching the thirst of the earth –
and making her fertile and fruitful, giving seed to sow and food to eat –
11so it is with my word which goes out from my mouth, not returning to me empty,
but having done what I planned for it, and succeeded in what I sent it to do –
12that you keep going out with joy and are sustained with satisfaction.”
The mountains and hills will break into a cheer in front of you;
and all the trees of the countryside clap their hands.
13Instead of thorns, tall green trees will grow; instead of cactus, trees with flowers.
But this is for Yahweh’s reputation, an everlasting signature that will not be erased.


  1. Ariel, that is, Jerusalem
  2. "the learned"; literally "they who know letters"; or "the knowing letters"
  3. "the unlearned"; literally "they who don't know letters"; or "the unknowledgable letters"
  4. "made said to its maker"; or "invention said to its inventor"; or "figment said to its figmenter"
  5. "I am", possibly a reference to God's name
  6. "were stupefied"; the Wyclif translation has "became stoned", which probably reflects "were petrified"