Biography and family record of Lorenzo Snow/Chapter XLVI

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Biography and family record of Lorenzo Snow:
One of The Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
by Eliza Roxcy Snow
Chapter XLVI



Lorenzo's birthday. A surprise. His escort. Enthusiastically greeted. Address. He responds. Singing "Grandfather's Clock." A hair picture presented. Recitation by the children. Autograph album presented. Tables loaded with luxuries. Dinner. Singing. Lorenzo makes a speech. Parting Hymn. Dismissal.

'HE following is a synopsis of the report of a surprise tendered to brother Lorenzo, by the members of his family, on the third of April, 1879, in eelebration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of his birth.

The family assembled at four p. m., at the old homestead, when four of Lorenzo's daughters, to wit: Mesdames Roxcy Box, Sylvia West, Ida Gibbs, and Clara McAllister, having been previously appointed, escorted their father into the assembly. Upon entering the hall, he was enthusiastically greeted with smiling faces, and many sweet voices joining in the song,


We are all, all here;

Father, mother, sister, brother,

All who hold each other dear; Each chair is filled, we're all at home, To-night let no cold stranger come. It is not often thus around Our old, familiar hearth we're found; Bless then the meeting and the spot For once be every care forgot ; Let gentle peace assert her power, And kind affection rule the hour;

We're all, all here we're all, all here.


We are not all here! Father, mother, sister, brother, Some have gone who were most dear;

But we now gather 'round this hearth,

Though some have passed away from earth;

The voice that once with ours did ring,

Has gone to dwell where, angels sing;

0, then, that wisdom may we know,

That yields a life of peace below;

And in the life that follows this,

May each repeat the words of bliss,

We're all, all here we're all, all here.

We are not all here! Father, mother, sister, brother, Yet our thoughts will bring them near;

We pray that our whole earthly band,

Before God's throne at last may stand

Unbroken as the links of love,

In that bright home in heaven above.

The severed links, the golden chain,

Be there united once again;

With this sweet thought our hearts we'll cheer,

For then we'll say, we all are here;

We're all, all here we're all, all here.


O. G. Snow, the eldest son, had been commissioned to lead in the programme, and state the object of the meeting; being absent, Professor li A. Box, a son-in-law, gave the following address:

/'irxi</rnt Lnroi'.a Snnir :

Inspected Husband and Father. We, your wives, chil- dren, grandchildren, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law, have convened on this occasion, in honor of the sixty-fifth anniver- sary of your birth, having a sincere desire to manifest our respect and gratitude to one whose kindness and Avise counsels, of which we, as wejl as many others, have been the favored recipients.


May the returns of the day be many and happy ones, and may your cares and sorrows never be occasioned by members of this extensive, and, we trust, truly respected family ; and, though the words of our Savior. " A man's foes shall be they of his own household," may be verily true in many cases, in yours may they prove to be strictly inapplicable.

The poet says:

If the stock of our bliss is in strangers' hands vested, The fund, ill-secured, oft in bankruptcy ends;

But the heart issues bills that are never protested, When drawn on the firm of wife, children and friends.

The day-spring of youth, still unclouded by sorrow,

Alone, on itself for enjoyment depends; But dreary the twilight of age, when it borrows

No warmth from the smiles of wife, children and friends.

And we say:

May we onward and upward, all cherish and nourish The virtues on which this rich blessing depends;

And may we with love and fond hearts ever cherish The tie that now makes us wives, children and friends.

Wishing you many, very many happy returns, we remain, your loving and obedient FAMILY.

Brother Lorenzo responded in a fatherly, affectionate speech, replete with wise counsels and exhortations referring to the order of the Priesthood, and the blessings, both temporal and spiritual, to be secured through obedience to its require- ments; and closed by warmly and feelingly expressing -his thanks and appreciation of their united expression, and blessed his happy audience.

After which, Mrs. Armeda S. Young ajid Miss Dora Snow sang "Grandfather's Clock," all joining in the chorus. Then a


committee of eldest three daughters, Mesdames Abigail S. Rosenbaum, Eliza S. Dunford and Rosetta S. Loveland, in a neat speech in behalf of the family, presented their father a beautiful hair picture, consisting of a spray

in the centre, 

composed of his hair and that of his wives, which was encircled with a choice wreath of hair of the children a slip of paper, with the name of each attached to his or her hair, and all set in a rich frame, comprising a record of forty members of the family. An autograph album was also pre- sented, containing interesting and appropriate sentiments.

After another song by the company, a recitation by the children followed, then all repaired to the dining hall, and sat down to tables loaded with luxuries, where floral decorations shed a sweet perfume on all around.

The social table repast over, the remainder of the evening was devoted to singing, speeches, readings, recitations, toasts, etc., until nine o'clock, when Brother Snow again addressed the company. His heart seemed to overflow with joy and affec- tion as he spoke of the blessed privilege of renewing our relationship hereafter, and of extending it in unlimited duration. He again blessed his family, and, after a parting- hymn was sung, dismissed the assembly thus closing a delightful scene, which will long live in sweet remembrance of all present.