Boil it down (1924)

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If you've got a thought that's happy,
Boil it down.
Make it short and crisp and snappy,
Boil it down.

When your brain its coin has minted,
Down the page your pen has sprinted,
If you want your effort printed,
Boil it down.

Take out every surplus letter,
Boil it down.
Fewer syllables the better,
Boil it down.

Make your meaning plain.
Express it so we'll know not merely guess it;
then my friend ere you address it,
Boil it down.

Cut out all the extra trimmings,
Boil it down.
Skim it well, then skim the skimmings,
Boil it down.

When you're sure 'twould be a sin to
Cut another sentence into,
send it on, and we'll begin to,

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