Bonny lass/I'll clout Johnny's grey breeks

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When I was in my se'enteenth year,
I wa baith blythe and bonny O!
The lads lo'ed me baith far and near,
but I lo'ed nane but Johnny O.
He gain'd my heart in twa three weeks,
he spak sae blyth and kindly O;
And I made him new grey breeks,
that fitted him most finely, O.

He was a handsome fellow,
his humour was baith frank and free,
His bonny locks sae yellow
like gowd they glitter'd in my ee!
His dimpl'd chin and rosy cheeks,
and face so fair and ruddy O!
And then a days his grey breeks
was neither auld nor duddy O.

But now they're thread bare worn,
they're wider than they us'd to be,
They're tashed like and fair torn,
and clouted fair on ilka knee;
But gin I live anither year,
as I have done right many O,
I'll mak a web o' grey claith,
to be breeks to my Johnny O.

For he's well-worthy o' them,
and better gin I had to gie;
And I'll tak pains upo' them,
frae faults I'll strive to keep them free:
To clead him weel shall be my {{illegible},
and plea'e him a my (illegible text) O!
But he maun wear the auld pair
a wee, tho' they be duddy O.

For when my lad was in his prime,
like him there was nae mony O;
He ca'd me ay his bonny thing
sae wha was (illegible text) Johnny O?
So I lo'e my Johnny's grey breeks
for a the care they've gi'en me yet,
And gin we live anither year,
he'll get new breeks unmended yet.

Now to conclude. His grey breeks
I'll sing them up wi' mirth and glee;
Here's luck to a the grey sleeks
that show themselves upo the knee.
But if a wee wi' health I'm spar'd,
and I trust it will be sae
I'll hae his breeks as weel prepar'd
as ony e'er was made o grey.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.