Boston Evening Transcript (newspaper)/1937/November 12/W Louise Leonard, Aide of Scientist

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W Louise Leonard, Aide of Scientist

Miss W Louise Leonard, former private secretary to Dr. Percival Lowell, and well known for many years in Back Bay, socially and in scientific circles, will be buried tomorrow in Troy, Pa., following services in the Episcopal church there. Miss Leonard, who was seventy years of age, died Tuesday night in Medfield.

She became secretary to Dr. Lowell in 1890 when he turned his attention from foreign countries and travel to science and astronomy and had begun his search for the best possible site which resulted in the choice of Flagstaff, Ariz. On the death of Dr. Lowell, Miss Leonard retired from active work and spent her time with relatives in New England and New York. She later published a biography of Dr. Lowell.

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