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Vol. 1. November 1875. No. 1.

Our Object.—With a good deal of diffidence we present this first copy of the Bulletin to our botanical friends.   When the science of Natural History in all its departments has so many able journals devoted to its advancement, it would appear like presumption in us to make what may seem a useless addition to the list.  Our aim at present, however, is by no means so lofty, but is simply to afford a convenient and rapid means of communication among botanists.  Our little sheet is intended to be devoted to botanical discoveries and observations, and it is hoped that botanists will make use of it.  The New England States and New York are well supplied with such means of communication, but we do not doubt that there are many interesting finds and notes west of those States that are only waiting some such opportunity as this to be presented to the botanical world.  We do not wish, therefore, to be considered as setting up ourselves against our Eastern friends, but rather as supplementing their good work and aiding them, as far as is in our power, in the discovery of truth, after which we are all striving.  We will assure our friends, who desire to make use of this sheet, of a wide circulation among botanists of such notes as they may send us.  We shall welcome notes from all botanists and urge them to send us at once such articles as they wish published that they may appear in as early a number as possible.  The Bulletin will be published every month and will be enlarged as necessity may demand.  Hoping botanists will heartily approve of our undertaking and show appreciation of our efforts by a contribution of notes, we leave the Bulletin in their hands.—Editor.

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Vol. 1. October 1876. No. 12.

It is with a feeling of regret that with this number we bid farewell to the Botanical Bulletin.   The name has become so much associated with the paper that for a time the new name will sound strange, but we hope that the Botanical Gazette will fulfill the mission of the Bulletin in a much more satisfactory manner.  Its increased size will permit a greater variety of articles than heretofore and papers of considerable length will be published in addition to the short notes that were necessary in so limited a space.  It was with no thought of infringing upon the name of the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, that the name for volume first was selected, but as many have feared some confusion might arise, we have cheerfully withdrawn our claim and have selected a name which, we are assured by an accomplished scholar and botanist, "means about the same thing."  We take this opportunity of expressing our warmest thanks to our friends and patrons, who have so promptly and cordially seconded our efforts.  A paper in which not a line of advertisement appears to aid in its support needs to have a comparatively large subscription list, and it was with considerable trepidation that the undertaking was commenced.  But the kind assurances of our friends have encouraged us to incur additional expense in the hope of giving subscribers a sheet of more satisfactory size, and one which can contain a greater variety of matter.  With the last number of Vol. II a complete index to Vol, I and II will be issued and the pages of the two volumes will be numbered consecutively.  With these words we place a completed volume of the Bulletin in our readers' hands, and express the hope that in its new dress and enlarged capacity the Gazette will prove much more attractive and profitable to all interested in the study of botany.—Ed.