Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

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Giving the Derivation, Source, or Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words That Have a Tale to Tell



A to All-hallown Summer
All Hallow's Day to Assurance
Astag'oras to Az'ymites
B to Bell Savage
Bell-the-Cat to Boat
Boatswain to Bull-ring
Bull's Eye to Byzan'tines
C to Cau'telous
Cau'ther to Coat
Coat of Arms to Cover
Covers were laid for to Cypriote
D to Dittoes
Divan' to Dyz'emas Day
E to Extreme Unction
Extremes Meet to Ezzelin
F to Flesh-pots
Fleshed to Futile
G to Goodman's Croft
Goodman's Fields to Gytrash
H to Hin'der
Hindustan to Hys'teron Prot'eron
I to Ixi'on
J. (In Punch) to Juveniles
K to Kyrle Society
L to Ligurian Arts
Ligurian Republic to Lyttelton
M to Max O'Rell
Max'imum and Minimum to Morrice
Morris Dance to Mysterious Three
N to Ny'se
O to Oz.
P to Phar'amond
Pha'raoh to Pria'pus
Prick-eared to Py'thon
Q to Quotem
R to Roodselken
Rook to Rython
S to Seven Years' War
Several to Sop
Soph to Symbolism of Metals and Gems
Syrens of the Ditch to Syrtis
T to Tour
Tour de Force to Tyrtæus
U.S. to Uz'ziel
V to VXL
Wa'bun to Wyo'ming
X to Xu'ry
Y to Y'veto't
Za'bian to Zulfa'gar

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