Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club/V1/12

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Vol. 1. ] New-York, December 1870. [ No. 12.


96.  The Club. – During the summer of 1866, two enthusiasts frequently knocked at the door of Dr. Torrey's Herbarium in Columbia College.  They were always greeted with two hands, and derived great pleasure in discussing some new plant found in the vicinity, or in comparing curious varieties and sports of familiar species.  They had heard vague rumors of the existence of other collectors, rumors confirmed by the mysterious disappearence of a secluded patch of Cardamine pratensis, which had been left a few days to perfect.  The desire was frequently expressed to try to assemble these workers; so the effort was made.  The meetings gradually increased in size and interest, until it became evident that we possessed a working force.  The Torrey semi-centennial of Dec. 20th, 1867, still further united the members, and the present organization was effected.

The following is a list of the officers and members of the club.   As the association is rather informal, and somewhat fluctuating, we hope that errors and deficiencies will be pardoned.  We have lost by death one member, W. W. Denslow, one of the earliest, most enthusiastic, and, with the disadvantage of feeble health, one of the most indefatigable.  No one had studied so carefully the plants on the northern end of this island: unfortunately we have but a partial report of his observations.

John Torrey, M. D., LL. D., . . . . . Chairman.
P. V. Le Roy, . . . . . . . Secretary. | T. F. Allen, M. D., . . . . . Curator.
W. H. Leggett, . . . . . . . . . . . Editor.

Allen, T. F.
Austin, C. F.
Bower, Wm.
Buchanan, I.
Bumstead, F. J.
Day, W. De F.
Darby, John.
Denslow, Herbert.
Eaton, D. C.
Fischer, W. L.

Forman, W. H.
Gerard, Chas. B.
Gross, O. R.
Hall, I. H.
Hogg, Jas.
Hyatt, Jas.
Leggett, Wm. H.
Le Roy, P. V.
Merriam, Jas. S.
Morris, O. W.

Perry, O. H.
Pollard, F. A.
Redfield, J. H.
Rockwith, F. A.
Ruger, M.
Torrey, John.
Thurber, Geo.
Ward, Jas. W.
Wllbur, G. M.