Buxom dame of Reading, or, The cuckold's cap (1)/A Summer Piece

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WHEN the trees all their beautiful verdure renew,
and the meadows look charmingly gay,
When smiling Creation looks blooming to view,
replete with the beauties of May.

When the light-hearted shepherd chants musical strains,
as he pips to his flocks on the hill;
And the lambkins delighted, skip blyth o’er the plain,
or frills by the mumuring rill.

When the cows round the country a gadding repair,
or beneath the cool shade saun the heat;
When the crimson-cheek’d milk maid does kindly prepare
for her sweetheart a syllabub treat.

When the country girls wantonly sport in the deep,
so cautious, that all must be hush,
Yet oft the fly rustic procures a full peep,
from the tide of a hillock or bush.

At eve when the lads and the lasses do meet,
in a circle to dance on the green;
What a native simplicity void of deceit,
and modestly stamp’d on their mein;

While the birds seem inspir’d by the smiling serene,
in musical melody vie;
And the hares midst the corn-fields they safely remain,
or secure in the green meadows lie.

In a snug rural cottage surrounded by trees,
where murmuring rivulets glide,
My attendants be plenty, contentment and ease,
in solitude let me reside.

Where grant me kind Powers in this season of love,
a fond fair one my bl(illegible text) to complete,
Whose tender endearments can sadness remove,
and imparadise this my retreat.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.