Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Customs, May 22, 1868

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Canada Gazette, Vol. I, No. 50  (1868) 
Order-in-Council, Customs, May 22, 1868 by William Henry Lee


Friday, 22nd day of May, 1868.



WHEREAS it is amongst other things enacted by the 58th section of the Act 31 Vic. Cap. 6, entitled : "An Act respecting the Customs," that the Importer "of any cattle or swine, may slaughter and cure and pack the same (and if such cattle or swine are imported in the carcass, may cure and pack the same) in bond," providing such slaughtering, curing and packing be done and conducted under such Regulations and restrictions as the Governor in Council may from time to time make for this purpose; which said Regulations may extend to the substitution of Beef and Pork in quantities equivalent to the produce of such cattle and swine.

And whereas it has been found expedient to give effect to the said section 58, so far as regards the importation of Swine.

His Excellency in Council on the recommendation of the Honorable the Minister of Customs and under the authority of the 58th clause of the said recited Act, has been pleased to order and it is hereby ordered that the slaughtering, curing and packing of Swine in bond shall be done and conducted under the Regulations and Restrictions following, viz:—

1st. The Importer of live hogs or swine intending to avail himself of the privilege conferred by the said section 58 of the Act hereinbefore mentioned, shall apply to the Collector of Customs at or nearest the place at which he intends importing or entering such swine, and shall furnish such Collector with a brief description in writing of the premises intended to be used as a killing pen, and curing and packing house for the purposes aforesaid; and should the Collector approve of such premises, he will constitute the same constructively into a Warehouse for the special object, and the said premises shall to all legal intents and purposes be and be dealt with as one of the Queen's Warehouses; and the Importer shall enter into and execute the usual Bond given by the owners of Warehouses placed under the Crown's lock.

2. Upon every importation of swine, the Importer shall enter the same in the usual way to be ware- housed, and shall have the said swine taken to the premises hereinbefore referred to, and approved as a Customs Warehouse, where the same shall be counted on arrival, and the Importer shall give bond on each such Importation in double the amount of the duties payable under the Tariff on such impor- tation, the condition of which bond shall be that upon the due exportation within one year of the products of the said swine converted into Pork, Bacon, Hams or Lard, the said bond shall be and become null and void, otherwise shall be and remain in full force and virtue.

3. And whereas, the duty imposed upon swine is a specific duty on each animal at so much per head, without reference to weight or size, and that it is necessary in order to facilitate the balancing of the accounts of what goes into the warehouse, and what comes out in another form for exportation, that a ratio should be established between the weight of the live animal warehoused and the equivalent weight of the merchantable products of such animal after he has been slaughtered,—it is considered that the average weight of a live hog may be taken at 200 lbs., and that the equivalent of such live hog in Pork, Bacon, Hams and Lard is 113 lbs., that every 113 lbs. weight of Pork, Bacon, Hams or Lard taken out of the warehouse shall be deemed to represent one live hog put into the warehouse, and the exportation of that quantity of Pork, Bacon, Hams or Lard will be equivalent to the exportation of one of the live hogs bonded, and if the same, instead of being exported should go into consumption in this Dominion, it shall be charged with a duty of $2 as being the merchantable manufactured equivalent of the live animal chargeable with that duty on importation.

4. The feet, bones and trimmings, if not exported, shall be subject to duty on leaving the warehouse for consumption in Canada, and every 200 lbs. weight of such feet, bones and trimmings shall be considered as equivalent to the importation of one live hog, and be as such charged with a duty of $2 on being so intered for consumption in Canada.

5. With regard to the importation of swine in the carcass to be cured and packed in bond for expor- tation, the same shall be entered in the usual way for the warehouse, and be placed in the curing or packing house so as aforesaid constituted into a warehouse for the special purposes of curing and packing pork under the said Act, the weight of such carcasses to be duly ascertained by the proper Officer of Customs, on the same being placed into the warehouse, and bonds shall be given in double the amount of the duties accruing on the said pork conditioned for the due exportation of the same within 2 years.

6. The killing pen, curing and packing houses and all cellars and stores included in the premises hereinabove mentioned, shall be accessible at all times whilst work shall be going on there, or at other times between sunrise and sunset, to the inspection and survey of the Collector of Customs or of any other Officer of the Port at which the same may be situated.

Clerk Privy Council.