Carlos P. Garcia's Inaugural Remarks

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Inaugural Remarks after the demise of President Ramon Magsaysay (1957)
by Carlos P. Garcia
229635Inaugural Remarks after the demise of President Ramon Magsaysay1957Carlos P. Garcia

The unexpected and most unfortunate demise of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay has brought grief not only to our country but to the nllre free world. President Magsaysay, since his assumption to the highest office of the land, had been an uncompromising champion of democracy in Asia. Thus, his death is definitely a loss to all freedom-loving people everywhere.

In this our moment of supreme national bereavement, I wish to ask our people to share with me the heavy burden which has been laced upon my shoulders by the Supreme Law-Giver who presides over the destinies of men and nations. In asking for the support and operation of the Filipino people, I appeal for sobriety, calmness, and dication in the fulfillment of our common duty to God and country, for the great ideals for which President Magsaysay lived and died.

I realize only too well that the position of president of the Philippines carries with it tremendous responsibilities. Nevertheless, with the aid of Divine Providence, I accept, in all humility, this difficult task, on taking my oath of office. With abiding faith in our people, I now that in a moment of crisis like this, they always rise equal to the situation. In the days that lie ahead, I will welcome honest and contructive criticism if it will redound to the public good. It shall be my solemn duty to carry on the great political program for which President Magsaysay and the Nacionalista Party have given heir all and their best.

I ask you then, fellow countrymen, to lay aside all rancour and discord and help me carry on the task of preserving our land for God, democracy, liberty, and justice.

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