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Symbol comment vote.svg This bot task is not currently being performed by an active bot. There is currently none capable of doing it, although a bot may be extended to perform this task regularly sometime in the future.

Pages in this category were tagged with {{bot move|New title}}. The bot will move the page 24 hours after the last edit to the page.

Bot procedure[edit]

This is a detailed outline of the steps a bot may follow when activated. This section exists to aid in the creation of a script to perform this task.

  1. Search and verification
    1. Retrieve the list of pages in Category:Bots/Pages to move.
    2. Load the first page in the queue.
    3. Check if {{bot move}} is on the page.
      • If it isn't, touch the page and skip to the next page.
      • If it is, proceed.
    4. Check that the template is used correctly (with a valid parameter).
      • If not, remove the template and skip to the next page (edit summary: "[bot] removed incorrectly used {{bot move}}").
      • If it is, proceed.
  2. Preparation
    1. Retrieve the date of the last edit.
      • If the last edit is within 24 hours, skip to the next page.
      • If not, proceed.
    2. Retrieve the new page title from the template (regex: {{bot move\|([^\[\]{}]*)}}).
    3. Retrieve the old page title.
  3. Fix other pages
    1. Check for incoming links.
      • If there are incoming links, edit them to point to the new page (edit summary: "[bot] updated links to moved page").
        • Names of links should be retained, such that only the part entitled "link" will be modified: [[link|name]] or [[link]].
      • If not, proceed.
    2. Check for interlanguage links.
  4. Move page
    1. Move the page to the new title (edit summary: "[bot] moved page per {{bot move}}").
  5. Clean up
    1. Check if the bot has administrator access.
      • If so, delete the redirect and proceed.
      • If not, replace the redirect with {{sdelete|Unneeded redirect from a move (CSD M2)}} (edit summary: "[bot] nominated redirect from a move for speedy deletion").
    2. Remove {{bot move}} from the new page.
    3. Proceed to the next page.
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