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This category is populated by {{PD-old-collective}}. This category contains works that are PD in the US, but cannot yet be proved to be PD in the country of origin to a degree that will be allowed at Commons (120 years if a reasonably diligent search is made for copyrighted authors, or 150 years if not search is made).

Works in this category are collective works (i.e. the product of multiple authors), and were published outside the US, and not all of the authors have known death dates. They were published before January 1, 1929, so they are in the public domain in the US.

A reasonably diligent search for authors who died was not conducted, so according to Wikimedia Commons guidelines, these works can only be assumed to be free of copyright in their countries of origin if they were published more than 150 years ago (before 1874). Therefore, they must be hosted locally at Wikisource. If it can be conclusively demonstrated that all parts of a work are in the public domain in the country of origin, the file should be moved to Commons. Individual parts of these works may be in the public domain in the country of origin based on the authorship for that part alone.

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