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Abisai, 'ăbhîshay, 'ábhshay; Sept. Ἀβεσσά, Ἀβισαί, son of David's sister Sarvia, and brother of Joab, a most valiant warrior (II K., xxiii, 18, 19; I Par., xi, 20, 21), and a faithful friend of David in his struggles against Saul (I K., xxvi, 6–9; II K., ii, 24; iii. 30), against the Ammonites, Syrians, and Edomites (II K., viii, 13; x, 9–14; I Par., xviii, 12; xix, 11–15), against Absalom (II K., xvi, 9, 10; xix, 21, 22; xviii, 2), Seba (II K., xx, 6), and the Philistines (II K., xxi, 15–17).

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