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Adullam, Hebr. 'Ădhúllām, Sept. Ὀδολλάμ Vulg. Odollam, but Adullam in Jos., xv, 35.—(1) A Chanaanite city, to the west of Bethlehem, at the foot of the mountains of Juda. From the hands of the Chanaanites (Gen., xxxviii, 1 sqq.) it passed into the power of Juda (Jos., xii, 15; xv, 35), was fortified by Roboam (II Par., xi, 7), mentioned by the prophet Micheas (i, 15), and after the exile repeopled by Jews (II Esdr., xi, 30; II Mach., xii, 38). (2) The Cave of Adullam, the shelter of David and his followers (I K., xxii, 1,2), is situated, according to some, six miles southeast of Bethlehem, in the Wady Khareitun; but more probably near the city of Adullam.

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