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A titular see of Asia Minor, Hierocles (709), Georgius Cyprius (ed. Gelzer, p. 836), and Parthey (Notitiae episcopatuum), place this city in Isauria, as a suffragan of Seleuccia. Bishop Epiphanius was present at Chalcedon in 451, and subscribed the letter to Emperor Leo in 458 (Lequien, II, 1025). Another, Elpidius, was a partisan of Severus (Chronique de Michael le Syrien, ed. Chalot, 267; Brooks, The Sixth Book of the Select Letters of Severus, 159, 161). Lequen supposes that the town was situated near the River Cestros, in Pamphylia, and took its name from that stream. This inadmissible hypothesis caused an odd mistake in the "Gerarchia cattolica" (Rome, 1895, 302), according to which Cestra is Ak-Sou, this is the name of the River Cestros, not a city. The site has not yet been identified.

S. Pétridès.