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A titular see of Asia Minor. According to Strabo (XIV, 669) and Skylax, 102, it was a harbour and fortress in Cilicia Tracheia, between Anemurium and Antioch, The Greek name is Charadros or Charadrous, still retained in the actual name Kalandran, a little village in the vilayet of Adana, with 280 inhabitants. Nounechios, Bishop of Charadrus, was present at Chalcedon in 451 (Lequien, II, 1017). The same prelate subscribed, in 458, the letter of the bishops of Isauria to Emperor Leo, with the double title Lamos and Charadrus (Mansi, Conc., VII, 563; see Lequien, loc. cit.). This means that Charadrus was at an early date united with Lamos, a see in Isauria, suffragan to Seleuceia.

S. Pétridès.