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A Mexican see dependent on Guadalaxara; erected by Leo XIII, Decree Apostolicae Sedis, 27 Aug., 1899, by detaching it from Guadalaxara. It comprises the province of Aguas Calientes. The first bishop was Jose Maria Portugal, a Friar Minor; b. in Mexico, 24 Jan., 1838; made Bishop of Sinaloa, 25 Oct., 1888; transferred to Saltillo, 28 Nov., 1898, and to the Diocese of Aguas Calientes, 9 June, 1902. Aguas Calientes is an inland State of Mexico with an area of 2,950 square miles. Its capital, Aguas Calientes, 300 miles northeast of the City of Mexico, is on a plateau 6,000 feet above sea level. Population 30,000 (1895).

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