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Diocese comprising seventy-nine towns in the province of Port Maurice and forth-five in the province of Genoa, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Genoa, Italy. Legend makes Albenga between the years 121 and 125 the scene of the martyrdom of St. Calocero of Brescia, an officer of the court of Adrian. But the Acts of his martyrdom, together with those of Sts. Faustinus and Jovita with which they are incorporated, are not historically verified. The first bishop of whom we know anything is Quintius, who in the year 451 signed the Synodal Letter of Eusebius, Bishop of Milan, to Leo I, in which the condemnation of Nestorius and Eutyches was sanctioned (Mansi). Albenga contains 170 parishes; 485 secular priests; 86 regulars; 119280 inhabitants; 354 churches and chapels; 90 seminaries.

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