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From volume 15 of the work.


Diocese in southern Italy. The earliest bishop was St. Castus of an uncertain epoch, the local legend assigning him to the fourth century. Other bishops were: the monk Leo, intruded and deposed by Agapetus I (946); Alferius (1109); the Franciscan Luca (1226), exiled by King Manfred; Pietro dell' Aquila (1348), noted for his learning; Giulio Cesare Moriconda (1582), who restored the cathedral, rearranged the archives, and erected a seminary; Alfonso Moriconda (1717), O.S.B., a learned prelate who restored the cathedral and the episcopal residence. The diocese is suffragan of Beneventum; it has 58 parishes with 130,000 souls, 160 secular priests, and three religious houses.

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