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From volume 8 of the work.

Theologian, born at Hirschau, in the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria), 4 Feb., 1836; died 1 November, 1895. He completed his studies at the Latin school of Amberg, taking his philosophical course at that lyceum, studied theology at Wurzburg and Ratisbon, and was ordained priest 13 August, 1858. After devoting himself to parish work for a time, he again took up his studies at Wurzburg, where he obtained the degree of Doctor of Theology, after which he was successively, chaplain at Weiden, in 1863 prefect of the Ratisbon seminary, 1865 professor of religion and history at the gymnasium of Speyer, 1867 professor of ecclesiastical history, Christian archaeology, and history of art at the Ratisbon lyceum, 1883 diocesan consultor. He retired from active life in the year 1888.

Janner's principal work is "Geschichte der Bischofe von Regensburg", the three published volumes of which bring the history to the sixteenth century (Ratisbon, 1883-86). He also wrote: "De factis dogmaticis" (Wurzburg, 1861); "Infallibilem ecclesiam Catholicam esse in diiudicandis factis dogmaticis" (Speyer, 1866); "Das officium unius martyris de communi in seinem Zusammenhang erklart" (Speyer, 1867); "Das Heilige Land, und die heiligen Statten, ein Pilgerbuch" (Ratisbon, 1869); "Missale parvun sive Missale Romanum in breviorem et commodiorem formam redactum: (Ratisbon, 1870); "Die Bauhutten des deutschen Mittelaters" (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1876); "Nicolas von Weis, Bischof zu Speyer" (Wurzburg, 1876); "Die Schotten in Regensburg, die Kirsche zu St. Jacob und deren Nordportal" (Ratisbon, 1885); a translation of the Breviary "Das romische Brevier in deutscher Sprache" (4 vols., Ratisbon, 1890). He also wrote "Personen-und Sachregister zu Rass, Die Con vertiten seit der Reformation", I-X (Freiburg im Br., 1872).