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(1) Antoine Dadin d'Hauteserre

Born 1602, died 1682; a distinguished French historian and canonist, dean of the faculty of law at the University of Toulouse. He had a familiar knowledge of the writings of the Greek and Latin Fathers and the councils of the Church, and was held in the highest estimation by the French clergy. It was he who, at the request of two bishops, critically reviewed (1670) certain legal treatises concerning the appel comme d'abus and refuted them. He was the author of many important works on feudal and Roman law, the antiquities of Aquitaine, ecclesiastical and monastic antiquities, and the historical works of Gregory of Tours. Very noteworthy is his "Ecclesiasticae Jurisdictionis Vindictae" (Paris, 1707). His works appeared at Naples (16 vols., 1776-80).

Flavius Hauteserre

Younger brother of the above, died about 1670; professor of law at Poitiers, also a learned canonist and annotator (1630) of the early canonical collections of Fulgentius Ferrandus and Cresconius Afer.

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