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From volume 7 of the work.

A titular see of Augustamnica Prima, mentioned by Hierocles (Synecd., 727, 9), by George of Cyprus, and by certain rare documents, as among the thirteen towns of that province. It was a suffragan of Pelusium (see Parthey's "Notitia Prima" and the Coptic allusion to it published by J. de Rougé, in his "Géographie ancienne de la Basse Egypte" (Paris, 1891, 157). Lequien (Oriens christ., II, 547) mentions only two bishops: John, who took part in the two Councils of Ephesus (431 and 449), and Peter, present at the Council of Constantinople in 459. Both the native name of Hephæstus and its site are unknown.

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S. Pétridès.